Anti COVID-19 UV Sterilisation LED germicidal lamp


As the coronavirus outbreak travels across the globe and the pandemic takes a hold and begins to affect daily life, added precautions must be taken. Face mask prices have increased as demand sores and producers of hand sanitising lotion admit to demand being too high for supply. 

Now the coronavirus epidemic is spreading globally, healthy protection has become the top priority.

 However, these protective supplies have following disadvantages:

  • Masks can only isolate some viruses and cannot be reused
  • Alcohol sterilisation operations are prone to fire danger
  • The traditional mercury lamp requires 30-60 minutes for sterilisation, and people must stay away.


With traditional methods of sanitation and disinfection feeling the weight of global demand, alternative solutions must now be considered.  The LED 405nm UV Cabinet fittings are designed with UV and white light switchable, depending on the length of your cabinetry, there are different sizes of under cabinet lights available. You can use the product as either normal cabinet lighting and also specifically for sterilisation lighting.














How does 405nm UV work?

Exposure to 405nm with porphyrin excitation inside the bacteria. This is a  blue laser that emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 360 and 480 nanometres, which the human eye sees as blue or violet. Light of a shorter wavelength than 400 nm is classified as ultraviolet. The laser works so that Bacteria cells are destroyed by reactive oxygen species.

During such trying times it’s crucial we take extra precautions to keep ourselves and others safe by following the World health Organisations advice and making sure we are doing our utmost to tackle and contain the spread of the virus. 

For more information on the Anti COVID-19 UV Sterilisation LED germicidal lamp please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively call 0161 207 0212 and one of team will be happy to assist. 


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