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Bar & Nightclub Lighting Design Across The UK

Lighting sets the mood of your Bar or Nightclub

Bar & Nightclub Lighting

With ever increasing Competition In the nightlife industry, Bars and Nightclubs are becoming equally concerned over the aesthetic of their business as they are the service. In the recent times Social media has become intertwined with the industry. Does your establishment embody the values of your customers, their interests and their desires? A bar and nightclub has to portray its ethos in everything it does and the correct Lighting design is crucial to that. The proper Lighting design has the potential to push your brand further, creating the visual aesthetic you and your customers seek for a truly bespoke feel.

Creating Unique Identity through lighting Features

A very popular theme running throughout modernised nightclubs and bars is bespoke LED signs and features. This ranges from personalised handwritten quotes upon the walls of bars, to a set of angel wings glowing at the entrance of the venue’s bar. Having this type of distinct and unique lighting arrangements has the potential to act as a trademark for your venue. Not only does this create a sense of Identity or a unique selling point but also In a market driven by social media marketing, an ‘Instagrammable’ aesthetic is not only popular but makes business sense. With Increased free social media exposure, this can extend to attract Social Media Influencers which in turn will drive more free publicity.

Turn your Bar into the centrepiece

Most bars want to create a vibrant or dramatic scene to provide a greater sense of energy and entertainment. Lighting can provide visitors with a sense of orientation as they enter the venue. Guests will naturally be drawn to a brightly lit bar and it creates a focal point for the space. Designers may apply brighter lighting or use different coloured lighting around a bar to create a striking, eye catching scene. This should include a mix of ambient lighting, task lighting and feature lighting. Ambient lighting will determine the feel of the bar area. For example, If there is a high ceiling above the bar area and It fits your brand image, A low drop crystal chandelier would be a great idea for ambient lighting that also provides decorative lighting. Feature Lighting to highlight stock on the back bar is vital. If your guests haven’t had a look at the drinks menu, it always helps to have premium stock appropriately lit so Guests know what is available. Lighting solutions such as LED pixel tape with RGBW colour mixing capability (Red, Green, Blue, White), allowing for a huge colour spectrum and fantastic variation are a brilliant option for feature lighting. The importance of task lighting behind the bar is a point largely overlooked. Bar staff need correct lighting when preparing drinks, often in a clubbing environment, the bar gets very busy, very quickly, so staff are likely to feel a degree of pressure and with pressure comes mistakes, which are avoidable through the correct lighting design.

Create a Dancefloor to Remember with LED control systems

By using the latest in LED technology you can create visually stunning effects. From Led Panels on the ceiling or dancefloor to help change the feel of a space instantly, combining this with an advanced control system to manually control colours and light levels for a bespoke feel. By combining the latest LED technology and a lighting control system each individual LED can be controlled, creating more vivid effects that can be matched up with DJ sets to immerse the crowd into a fusion of music and visual imagery, setting your dancefloor apart.

The Namaste Lounge

Namaste Lounge Restaurant commissioned Asco Lights to design, project manage and implement a highly innovative lighting design scheme as part of its full-scale refurbishment and renovation. A highly popular and high end venue in Northwood, London, Namaste Lounge Restaurant was formerly the Northwood Hills Pub – one of Sir Elton John’s first performance venues. So in tribute to Namaste’s star-studded and dazzling heritage, the design essence and focus was on sensational and evocative mood-enhancing lighting with a glitzy, glamorous, yet relaxed vibe: quirky vintage-meets-modern opulent style. With elegant architectural fixtures and fittings, to gold, black, crystal and diamanté… It encapsulates Sir Elton John’s glamour. During the project a combination of techniques were implemented to try and stick to the design brief of combining retro with contemporary. Light was used in a layered principle to correctly use all principles of light to create a desired sense of ambience. LED technology was used also to create a colour and distinctive aethstetic to help convey the brand image and push the retro feel in the brief.

To take a further look at our project with The Namaste Lounge head over to our portfolio page.

Every venue has its own theme and atmosphere and no one knows it better than yourself. The design team at Asco lights have Industry leading experience in creating bespoke Bar & Nightclub lighting solutions. Take a look through the services we offer which can help you create the perfect ambience for your business through our superior lighting range.

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