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The Scraplight Drum Series features handmade cardboard shades, elevated by steel frames and frosted glass diffusers.



Design chandeliers and luminaires made purely from optic fibres and LED technology. Fresh and innovative designs, optic fibres and latest LED technologies allowed our designer team to introduce completely new, modern and lofty luminaires that fully harmonise with the architectural

The VG Full Lighting Collection


Design experience, evolved and reinterpreted over the years by the VG Designers, expresses a world built on harmony and contrasts, dark to light. Eternal dualism in an experience that goes beyond the imagination and where the mind and body become

Luce Crea Class


LuceCrea creates and realizes high quality light shapes, dedicated expressly to the most refined room and for the high-class contemporary contract. LuceCrea class can add exclusive and inimitable touch even to the simplest and most informal rooms. Getting off the

The VG Inside Out Collection


A stunning collection for both interior and exterior comprised of large and colourful LED lit structures.

Axo Light 2014-2016 Collection


New Lightecture general catalogue 2014-16 is now available. 4 NEW collections enrich the offer of Lightecture line which is proud to present a total of 11 collections: Shatter by S.&R. Cornelissen; Framework by Manuel Vivian;Euler by Cambi-Scatena-Turini; Layers,Plumage by Vanessa Vivian;  Anadem by Mens Studio; Bell, Skirt, Skin,Velvet, Damasco by Manuel Vivian.

The VG Arabesque Collection


Genuine contemporary luxury can release the deepest emotions, awakened by beauty that nourishes the spirit. VG Lighting presents ARABESQUE: the triumph of the inner dimensions, where light is the perfect synthesis of dream and reality. Emotional meaning and technology merge

Cini & Nils 2013 Catalogue


The latest catalogue from Cini & Nils. New and innovative linear track lighting.



A stunning collection of Classic lamps beautifully crafted from a range of materials including silk, brass and murano glass.

Modiss 2014 Collection


This cataloge of lighting comes from the plurality of collections Modiss selected for this edition, its eclectic variety. A kaleidoscope of light and technique, an optical illusion of light and beauty. Discover the new light of Modiss.

Classic Interior and Exterior Lighting


The Authentage collection aims to bring timeless, attractive lighting in a classy style. Due to the different materials such as aged brass, brushed nickels or chrome, our lighting can be used in homes with a classic, country, modern or even

Masiero Ottocento Collection


Masiero’s “tailors of light” create customized creations, according to customer requirements, using high-quality materials and a exclusively made in Italy manufacturing.The soul of MASIERO shines through every chandelier, in the beauty of the forms and in the harmony of colors,

The VG Wine Collection


Presenting the uber luxurious Wine Bar Collection from VG New Trend. These beautiful wine stands can be illuminated creating a wonderful centre piece. Each wine stand comes with its own glass holders, wine holder and ice bucket, available in several

Manooi Decorative Collection


Manooi’s new collection of custom-made crystal chandeliers featuring our flagship product Ozero is called Personal Universe. The contemporary and luxurious creations of designer János Héder succeed in combining the eternal crystal material with the master knowledge of a skilled artisan.

Boheme 2014 Collection


Boheme Design combines the craftsmanship and the latest trends in industrial production gets under the values ​​of quality and design , unique pieces in both lighting and decoration . It also boasts the latest production technologies and the most innovative

Ilfari 2014 Collection


An exquisite collection of some of the most luxurious and innovative decorative lighting suitable for both residential and commercial applications

Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting Systems


Space emerges through creativity. Atmosphere emerges through light. Swarovski luminaries and lighting systems give living spaces their own structure through light. The many different ways of combining these light sources allow for individual arrangement to suit any room design, and

Castro Lighting 2020


Asco Lights are proud to introduce the Castro Lighting 2020 catalog. With the perfect combination of ethics, motivation, hard-work and passion for industrial design, as well as a fascinating journey of discovery, Castro Lighting became internationally known. When it comes

Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection


The Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection elevates lighting to an art form, freeing it from being merely functional. Crystal, creativity and radiant brilliance combine to create a collection that embodies one of the most amazing design initiatives of our time. The

Swarovski Lighting Centrepieces


Every innovation requires courage; at the same time, the modern is created from the tradition of the classic. Swarovski Lighting centerpieces is the design of a new generation with creative, trendsetting light objects: with bold designs and artistic implementation.SLC_Catalog_2011_EN_ES_FR

Visionnaire Starlight


Explore the exquisite visionnaire range straight from Italy.

Kolarz Masterpieces Edition


FREEDOM TO THE ART OF ILLUMINATION: COLOURS, SHAPES AND FANTASY! We proudly present: MASTERPIECES from the House of KOLARZ®! Out of a passion inspired by light, our designers have liberated their imagination to bring you an exciting new freedom in



These stunning blown glass pendants range from petite to linear to oversized chandeliers. With pendant cascades reaching 30.5 meters in length; boundless canopy size, shape, depth, and finish; and variations on standard pendant colours.

Asco Lights Professional Lighting Solution Product Catalogue 2014


Asco Lights’ bestselling lighting collection incorporates a wide range of products from interior architectural downlights right the way through to external bollard lighting. With a whole range of styles, perfect for both residential and commercial projects our products demonstrate outstanding

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