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The perfect lighting for video conferencing


  The perfect lighting for video conferencing is crucial to the visual quality of the call. With the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and the majority of individuals now working from home, video conference calls are now more important

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Connecting With Clients Via Zoom Video Conferencing


  To conform with the latest government guidelines and for the safety of our staff and our clients here at Asco Lights we are reaching out to new and existing in new ways. By staying in contact with clients and

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A guide to layering light


Understanding how to layer light is the key to any great home lighting design. In this article we will discuss the importance of layering light, the different functions, how to apply layering light techniques to your favourite room and the

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How lighting can improve your home office


With the vast majority of the population taking up self isolation and social distancing, working from home for the foreseeable future looks to be the order of the day. Covid-19 has, and will, see an unprecedented change in the way

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Asco Lights – Coronavirus Policy


  During these unprecedented times here at Asco Lights we are still trying to provide industry leading light design whilst caring for our staff and clients in a responsible manner.  We are looking after staff by them following government guidelines

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Coronavirus – Online Light Design Consultancy


The coronavirus outbreak has caused untold disruption to daily life impacting us all. As many of us go into self isolation and business slows, sacrifices must be made. The global pandemic is not something to take lightly and we all

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How to open up a small space with light


How to open up a small space with light? Many of us have spaces in our home that we wish were a little bigger. From lighting the ‘smallest room’ to hallways, entrances or even dining rooms, living rooms or offices,

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Anti COVID-19 UV Sterilisation LED germicidal lamp


As the coronavirus outbreak travels across the globe and the pandemic takes a hold and begins to affect daily life, added precautions must be taken. Face mask prices have increased as demand sores and producers of hand sanitising lotion admit

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Tracker RI – lighting that goes with the flow


The Tracker RI range is the first luminaire to go beyond horizontal movement and is one of the most adjustable trimless luminaires when it comes to shapes available on the market. Tracker is made to track the fluidity of architecture.

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The Orba by Phos


The Orba range is the latest edition to the Phos family, the highly versatile, modular, patented projector range for indoor and outdoor use which is fully designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. The Orba range offers a hugely versatile

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What’s trending in kitchen lighting


When looking into what’s trending in kitchen lighting you will come across many traditional lighting principles. By using lighting principles such as layering light to set the tone of the space and decorative lighting to stamp some of your own

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LED Lighting & Warm Dim


LED technology has rapidly advanced over the past few years. LED bulbs improve light output, last longer and save energy in comparison to previous lighting technology. With the advancement of LED technology, fittings are now being designed with integrated LED’s.

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What makes the perfect downlight?


What makes the perfect downlight? Though arguably the perfect downlight can be subjective,  what can’t be ignored is quality and innovative design. Downlights are an extremely versatile product and should be capable of illuminating your space, even those tricky to

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Innovative sensor equipped downlights


Is innovative lighting solutions what you’re looking for? If so the latest in PIR sensor equipped downlights are what you have been searching for. Integrated PIR motion Sensor equipped downlights are ideal where automatic light is required. Without needing a separate

The Innovative technology pushing light design projects


As Technology advances, it increases our capacity as light designers to Innovate. With the demands of light ever increasing, technology is having no problem keeping up. With clever designs for multiple different types of lighting, never before have so many

Why Use a Lighting Designer?


Asco Lights is company of award-winning lighting designers with a heritage stretching back over a decade. Not only do they offer all of the above but, with the largest design studio of its kind in England, you’ll be invited to

Jewellery Store Lighting


    Asco Lights offers the best products and solutions for jewellery store lighting. Making sure your jewellery store is bold and bright is important. Making It stand out from every other store is the key to gaining attraction and

Gym Lighting


Asco Lights offers the best solutions for gym lighting, from wall lights to recessed profiles, we have a wide variety of products that can be used seamlessly to get the most out of the environment. For a gym, it is

Pixalux – Illuminated LED Framless Panels


We are proud to work with Pixalux, the world’s first illuminated led frameless panels. They are versatile and can be used in almost any environment that further enables the use of light. It works by a 16mm Acrylic sheet that

Insolit – LC Portable Table Lamp


Nothing beats simplicity and minimalism, which is why the LC candle is perfect for any dining table. Whether that be in a dining room or a restaurant, it’s the perfect fitting for setting the environment and creating ambience. It has

Karman – Ugo Rilla


Asco Lights would like to present the Ugo Rilla by Karman. A perfect representation of a gorilla, it shows elegance, as well as rage. It screams as a mark of protest making us wonder what it is capable to doing

Wine Bar – Alsager


Asco Lights is proud to say that we’ve finished the project at 55 Degrees Wine Bar in Alsager. We worked very closely with the client throughout the whole design process and made sure we met their requirements with every part

Entering the Lighting Design Awards 2019


We’re proud to say we’re entering the Lighting Design Awards for 2019 in the Leisure category. The project we’re entering is KLNIK in Wilsmow, Cheshire. We took a completely different approach with this project as it was all about the

What 2019 brings for Asco Lights


Firstly, we would like to wish you a happy New Year from Asco Lights. 2019 brings us new projects from residential to commercial, that we are excited to be working on. We are also working with more manufacturers than ever

Featured on the November A1 Lighting Magazine


We are very proud to be featured in the A1 Lighting Magazine about Creating a Lighting Design, read below about what we said in the article. In order to produce to a perfect lighting design that works in harmony with

Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting is just as important as interior lighting. It is all about not lighting too much, but enough to make the major points of your garden draw people’s eyes in. The lighting can be subtle enough to



Layering Layering in terms of lighting is used when multiple lights in one room build up to lighting up the room overall. Different items in the room could be used for lighting such as shelves, curtains, tables and walls which

Concealed Lighting


Concealed Lighting Lighting that hides just the source and not the effect can be very successful in creating a minimalistic and simplistic view. They can be used in many different rooms in an interior and can be achieved in many

Defining Features


Defining Features Highlighting the features in an interior can be very important. It can make the architecture stand out and become more pleasing to the eye as well as bringing detail to any patterns and textures that may be in

Autumn Glamour with Asco Lights


Autumn Glamour with Asco Lights –Top tips to create a bespoke space at home using lighting Autumn – a time of year when cold and darkness begin to shadow our daily lives – a time when the comfort of home

Lighting Your Home In Winter


Tips for Lighting your Home at Winter With winter coming upon us, we want our home lighting the feel cosy and warming to escape from the rain and grey skies. With the end of the gorgeous British summer time we

Metro by Fabbian Lighting – Innovative Lighting Solutions


Metro by Fabbian Lighting – Innovative Lighting Solutions  Fabbian Lighting have been established since 1961, they have a longstanding expertise in making the highest of quality and design lighting. Based in Italy, they strive for the construction, assembly and wiring

How Bespoke Lighting Solutions Can Improve Health & Well-Being


How Bespoke Lighting Solutions Can Improve Health & Well-Being   How does lighting effect your Circadian Rhythm? Your Circadian Rhythm controls how your body functions to the environment that it is in.  It is a running 24- hour internal clock

Klnik, Luxury Aethetics and Wellbeing , Wilmslow


We are proud to have designed lighting in the luxury aesthetics and wellbeing clinic based in Wilmslow who specialises in IV Therapy and other wellness treatments. After £3.2 million investment into the company it boasts exclusive a team of highly

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Occhio Mito


Occhio describes their ‘Mito’ as it’s lighting masterpiece after it receives the prestigious Lighting Design Award in the category, Architectural Luminaire Interior. The Mito boasts an incredible attention to detail, combining an elegant design with innovative lighting technology. It has

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Interactive Lighting


The latest interactive technology creates exceptional lighting illusions using 3D virtually reality technology. Creating different concepts through interactivity, for example wall illusions, which could be creating aquatic animations. Or Floor illusions, which could be sculpturing pathways and roads etc. There

Light & Building Show in Frankfurt


Asco Lights are visiting the Light & Building show in Frankfurt from the 18th-23rd March. This exciting venture entails all the latest LED releases and the brand new LED solutions that are truly remarkable. Ongoing digitalization is shaking up the world

Health Benefits of LED Lighting


Circadian Rhythm Having trouble sleeping at night? Would you like to be more relaxed at night? Consider taking your circadian rhythm into account and be mindful of how to keep your circadian clock regulated. The health benefits of lighting is

Introducing Luxxu – Modern Design and Living


This is a new lighting experience! A harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition, the rare handwork techniques of the craftsman and contemporary creativity. The poetic design of each piece of art is inspired by magnanimous buildings and is able to

Occhio Air System


Occhio air – new simplicity of staging With Occhio air Occhio expands its modular lighting systems to include a new dimension of operation. Whether switching, dimming, fading or creating entire lighting scenarios and groups – with the app or the

Benefits of Asco Lights Lighting Design


We believe Asco Lights has the perfect design and lighting solution for your project.   Why Choose Asco Lights Lighting Design? When choosing a lighting consultancy to partner your important project, we understand you have an exacting brief. Furthermore, the

Ascolights in the Sunday Times


Ascolights is glad to announce that we have been collaborating with one of the main UK’s newspapers, The Sunday Times. We are delighted to work with Rob Kingston, giving the main keys and talking about considerations to take into account

Flos Lighting Range


Flos was founded in September 1962, though the company originated from earlier, in the late 50’s. At that time Dino Gavina, a nonconformist who had the idea that Italy should become the homeland of a new interior design culture, made

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Create the Perfect Lighting Design for Cafes


Making a statement about your cafe’s identity and drawing in passers-by is important when making your first impression count. Clever café lighting can help this, providing ambience and mood, and bring you more customers. Regardless of whether the cafe is

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The Terzani Lighting Range


In 1972 in Florence, Italy, Terzani was founded by Sergio Terzani. Since its founding, Terzani has worked, bonding traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern technology together, to create lighting that blurs the lines between design, art and luxury. Sergio Terzani and

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Creating the Perfect Lighting Design For Jewellery Shops


Many jewellery shop owners treat lighting in their shop as a cost instead of using it to boost sales, even though it is one of the most important aspects in the jewellery shop design is the lighting. “People cannot look

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Lighting Solutions in Restaurants


As you probably know, restaurants are usually a place for socialising with friends and family as you enjoy a nice meal prepared by a chef while you sit back and relax. So lighting in a restaurant can be very important

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The Visionnaire Lighting Range


Visionnaire is an Italian interior design company that was founded in 1959. Since then Visionnaire has manufactured armchairs, sofas, beds, sofa-beds and complements of “high-design” to please an advancing, demanding public. By the will of Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli in

Lighting and Well-being in the Workplace


In the workplace, interior lighting can affect the health and well-being of your workers so it is important to have the highest use of your lighting design. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a disorder that effects the emotional well-being off

Lighting Design in Museums


In museums natural lighting isn’t used because it can damage the artifacts and other rare oddities. This is because ultraviolet light can harm artworks and other rare and fragile objects by causing dyes and pigments to fade over time. However

Lighting and Well Being in the Home


The amount of light in your home may change the way your family can make a difference to how they feel, act, and even affect their health. In recent studies, research has shown that the amount and type of electrical

Effective Lighting Solutions For Churches


Great lighting in any building increases the looks of your building and decreases the running costs so there is no reason why anyone should suffer with bad lighting in their building. Lighting on the exterior of church’s has made them

Time to Show Off


Asco Lights are proud to now have their own dedicated photography and video production team working on an all new project- The Lighting Design Channel. Managing Director, Ajay Vasdev, will be working alongside the Asco Lights team and the new

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Asco Lights New Website Launch


After 6 months of hard work and perfecting designs, our new and improved website has now gone live. We truly believe, that with its unique creativity and sleek design, this is the best lighting design site on the web. Our

Filming Day With Ajay Vasdev


Managing director of Asco lights, Ajay Vasdev recently took part in a full day of filming here at our showroom. On the day we had a professional cast and filming crew who assisted Ajay to create three spectacular videos for

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Featured in Lighting and Interiors Online!


Managing Director of Asco Lights, Ajay Vasdev, has had his latest article published in the Lighting and Interiors Online magazine site as part of a Lighting special edition online conference. In the article, Ajay talks about why lighting design is

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The importance of lighting design


As an award-winning residential lighting design consultant, I am often asked interesting and searching questions.  So I thought I would select a few to share with you.  Thanks to many years of industry experience I have worked with a number

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An Introduction to Asco Lights


Welcome to Asco Lights, the home of inspirational, sensational and mood-reflective lighting design.   This is our Manchester showroom and design studio.  It’s a creative nerve centre from which we produce some of the most unique and breathtaking lighting designs

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A few words from the Director…


A few words from managing director, Ajay Vasdev. As director of Asco Lights, and one of the UK’s leading lighting design consultants, I understand how important lighting design is to you, as well as your project.  Whether it’s a redesign

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Tru Kitchen Cooking demonstration


Our Partners at Tru Kitchen are hosting a Cooking demonstration event this weekend. The event will be held at their stunning kitchen showroom in Wilmslow and will show off their beautiful kitchen ranges. As a partner of Tru Kitchen, our

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