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Education Lighting

The correct lighting design for educational facilities cannot be underestimated. With a multitude of different activities taking place, educational lighting has to be diverse, adaptable and well planned out. With the need for functionality underpinning educational lighting design, alongside longevity and cost effectiveness, Educational lighting requires a skilled designer to complete a project to its maximum potential.  

How light can help students reach their full potential

Studies have shown that students can perform better and concentration levels are higher when they are provided with the right lighting. A more natural light encourages a normal circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is pivotal for our body’s release of various hormones including melatonin and cortisol. We know that light has a significant influence on the human biological clock and our health. Humans are biologically designed to feel more alert and awake when exposed to natural light. However, not all schools are built with natural light exposure incorporated into their design. Though we may not be able to redesign all older schools, we can design more student friendly lighting system to support the cycle of the circadian system by providing varying degrees of circadian stimulus. By using LED technology it’s now possible to manipulate artificial light. When we require higher levels of concentration and alertness, we can adjust the colour temperature to provide a cool light to help every student perform to the best ability. 

Lighting in varied educational environments

With a varied amount of different tasks and activities being undertaken in educational environments adequate task and ambient lighting is required. For example, Physical Education areas are places where health and safety risks exist that can relate to lighting, so choosing the correct lighting solutions can minimise these risks. Lighting that produces a lot of glare would certainly be inappropriate for a lot of sports, especially ones such as Netball or Basketball. Having said that, bright lighting is appropriate as candidates need to be able to see the whole of the playing field/court clearly and also other opponents clearly. Lighting should be directed through appropriate diffusers to remove such risks. Entrances to educational areas should always be lit up with bright enthusiastic lights in order to create a warm welcoming atmosphere. The entrance lighting can instantly create a feel for the room and if it’s warm and welcoming, a student is more likely to be motivated, happy and ready to engage with the class. 

LED technology and Lighting Control systems for a smart design

A lighting control system which gives you increased control over light levels, light temperature and RGBW (red, green, blue, white) control is the perfect lighting solution for educational facilities. Whether light levels needed to be adjusted to improve visibility of educational material on an interactive whiteboard or GCSE dance want to use varied light colours to create a more artistic performance, an advanced lighting control systems can provide both. With the ability to control multiple lighting factors provides students with an improved learning environment, in turn helping teachers to also do their job to a higher standard. With the application of LED technology it provides educational facilities with an economical benefit, whilst reducing power usage meaning an environmental benefit also. LED lighting may have a higher upfront cost, however LED lighting stays brighter for longer without the same wattage output as older technology. So even though the upfront cost may be more, in the long term LEDs will produce lower electricity bills which inturn has a more positive environmental effect. LED lighting also eliminates the risk of distracting bad-lighting factors such as poor illumination, glare, flicker and colour imbalance. 

At Asco Lights we specialise in Educational lighting design, with multiple successful projects. Please do feel free to get in touch if you require industry leading expertise with any commercial or residential lighting projects.

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With our really flexible approach, we work on a wide range of projects from small one-room residential designs to multi million pound home designs. Other projects include large commercial developments to small religious buildings, restaurants and hotels.

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Our technical knowledge and expertise is crucial to the success of our projects. With loading schedules, product specifications, wiring runs and all required technical information. We also offer bespoke training packages for architects, interior designers, specifiers electricians and many others in the industry allowing us to be at the forefront of lighting. We work with partners for example lighting control and home automation companies allowing you the options to implement digital signage and control within your spaces. We have a fully interactive demonstrative showroom allowing you to fully understand our products and what we do as a company.

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