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With an increasing number of home owners looking to utilise their garden space more effectively and bring the outside in, garden lighting design is becoming increasingly popular. At Asco Lights our team of home and garden lighting design experts will turn customers lighting ideas into reality.

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garden lighting design
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If your garden needs an inviting glow to enhance the beauty of it, small lights can go a long way in complementing the best features. Be clever when choosing what is going to work best to provide that wow-factor your garden has been calling for. Take a scroll through our top ideas to brighten up your outdoor sanctuary.

Top-tip- Remember sometimes less can be more. Keep it simple while still adding the right amount of ambience to your outdoor space by using intricate lights that will highlight the key parts without drowning out the natural elegance of it.

Firstly, don’t forget to consider how you want the front of your house to look at night. This could include your driveway and front garden. It is important to remember that these are the first things to be seen when entering a property and first impressions can be key. Provide guests with a warm welcome by turning the spotlights on some impressive features that you don’t want to go unnoticed as they enter your home. Avoid harsh security lights which may appear glary and may wash out key focal points within the space.

garden lighting
garden lighting
garden lighting

Brightening up essential features of your landscape such as statues, large trees and pots is important making sure all eyes are still on them even at night. Just like interior, statement pieces you have chosen for your outside space can attract eyes and expand perspectives of your landscape. Take a classic white marble statue at the end of a long path, a focal point that needs to be highlighted with a spotlight to ensure it remains a key feature of the landscape long into the night. This is crucial to making any garden space a showstopper.

Having a water feature complemented by lights can work wonders in your outdoor space. Movement and refraction create beautiful patterns which can reflect only making surrounding areas more appealing. Use smart underwater spotlight below the water flow or, consider fibre optics within water jets to produce an enchanting candle-like effect. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, why not consider fibre optics on the floor to create a magical star-like effect to wow any visitors.

The trick to flawless landscape lighting is mobility. Lights that are adjustable are ideal as they can be easily moved to accommodate the changing seasons and plant growth. Spotlight and a directional floodlight make it possible for you to cast light upon your landscape immensely well and no large use of energy is consumed. Higher output spotlights are perfect for larger landscapes as they still provide an impeccable ambiance to your bigger outside spaces.

garden lighting
garden lighting
garden lighting

The most common garden fitting colour is black though, the best to suit the colour pallet of an outdoor space is olive green. The use of copper fittings can also be a good choice as they wear to become a naturally green colour with age. Try getting a floodlight that almost vanishes into your garden’s features but that also works hard to provide the perfect mood lighting to your landscape.

Provide lighting on your steps not only to keep your garden aesthetically pleasing but also to add an element of safety. Add side wall lighting to create an ideal ambiance while also lowering the risk of any potential accidents. Also, to instantly uplift your garden use small night lights in glass holders to provide radiance to your outdoor living space. This gives a similar effect as adding lighting to your statement pots that you’re eager to show off.

Take inspiration from your interior and consider layering light in your garden as you may do in your home. Think about using both uplights and mounted spotlights to draw focus to the best parts of the exterior. Don’t fear this technique will not detract from the feature you are trying to draw attention to, if anything it is guaranteed to attract eyes to the features you are really trying to emphasis. Doing this will only add to your landscape. Achieving the perfect garden lighting can be tricky. Remember to see what works best for you and your landscape

If you’re searching for the best in garden lighting design a friendly member of the Asco Lights team is always on hand during working hours. Either call us, email us or contact us and one of our design team will be happy to help.

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