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Why Choose Architectural Lighting?

Architectural lighting is becoming more and more popular as the months go on. It is used in various types of projects and is equally popular in residential as well as commercial spaces. It is all about the area and bringing the best out of the space. Now more than ever, this is possible with lighting solutions becoming smaller and smaller, whilst still producing the same output of light. New technologies have allowed this to happen, also allowing the shape and size of the lighting to be manipulated and changed to suit one’s needs. It is one of the many reasons why our clients are choosing to go with architectural lighting over traditional lighting.


Highly Experienced Architectural Lighting Designers

At Asco Lights we have a highly skilled and experienced team that produce stunning architectural lighting designs. As one of the most contemporary lighting design styles, it is ideal for those projects where modernism is the concept.

Architectural lighting design is ideal for any room in the home or office. For example, it can be used in the bathroom in a niche near a shower or near a mirror. In a bedroom, it could be used behind a bed to give subtle lighting or in a dresser to highlight some of your best clothes. It can be used to create a sense of symmetry with furniture and match it, creating a seamless look. Dining rooms can also be a great place for architectural lighting, as it can be used to match a kitchen island, and be used across units to highlight them.

Commercial projects such as shops and offices are ideal for architectural lighting. It’s ideal for showing off a certain product you may have in your shop or making sure employees are getting the perfect amount of light to work effectively. It can be used in retail to highlight the newest clothes that have been released without creating shadows. It can also be used in cafés or high-end restaurants to create a design statement, and it may be the missing piece that differentiates you from your competition.

Architectural lighting can also be used in colour temperatures ranging from 2700K-6000K, making it a seamless solution for work spaces and offices. Studies have shown that working in an environment that’s well lit and consistent, brings out the best abilities in people and ensures that they work to their best ability, which is ultimately vital for businesses.

architectural Lighting

Asco Lights have used architectural lighting in many of our projects. We feel as though it will continue to be a popular design trend for years to come. An example of a project where we used this is in the KLNIK in Wilmslow. We used architectural lighting to ensure the clients felt calm and relaxed whilst within the building. This was very important to our client and at each different point of the process, their emotions were carefully considered to guarantee an enjoyable time at the KLNIK.

Our expert knowledge allowed us to create a journey for the clients using carefully selected lighting in the building, to lead them from the reception, to treatment rooms and into relaxation areas. Aesthetic procedures can make people feel anxious and stressed, especially in an unknown setting. Our lighting solutions meant the environment gave them a calming effect which helps to reduce nerves and create a sense of tranquillity.

Whether you are interested in bring some architectural lighting in to your home or business, why not give us a call today and arrange an initial consultation with a member of our experienced lighting design team. Call us today on 0161 207 0212 or alternatively head to our contact page to send through an enquiry and one of our trusted design team will be in touch.

architectural Lighting
architectural lighting
architectural lighting

What makes us different?

Technical Architectural Knowledge and Expertise

Overall, architectural lighting can be absolutely key for your new project, and be the make or break of businesses when it comes to keeping staff and customers comfortable and productive. It can be used in a wide range of buildings and areas such as homes, offices, restaurants and shops. It can be used to ensure that people are working as effectively as they possibly can and showing off statement pieces within a home such as a piece of art or something that may mean a lot. Architectural lighting can go a long way and is only improving as time goes on.

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Why Choose Asco Lights?

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