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Anti COVID-19 UV Sterilisation LED germicidal lamp


As the coronavirus outbreak travels across the globe and the pandemic takes a hold and begins to affect daily life, added precautions must be taken. Face mask prices have increased as demand sores and producers of hand sanitising lotion admit

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Lighting and Wellbeing


Lighting and Wellbeing Lighting is usually associated with decoration, making a place look good or providing a feature. It can be used to highlight something important or it can simply help you to see what you are doing. However, there

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White colour tunable LEDs – the latest innovation in LED technology


Asco Light’s LIGHTING INSIGHT open day will demonstrate the latest innovation in LED technology- the white colour tuneable LEDs allowing users to tune their lighting from 2700k to 6500k. This light allows exceptional CRI including the challenging R9/reds and are

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New Flexible Linear LED Lighting System


New and innovative lighting system This new and innovative product is a flexible linear LED lighting system which provides homogeneous and dot free illumination. It can be used as a vertical or a horizontal profile and as a direct or an inderect

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