Tracker RI – lighting that goes with the flow

The Tracker RI range is the first luminaire to go beyond horizontal movement and is one of the most adjustable trimless luminaires when it comes to shapes available on the market. Tracker is made to track the fluidity of architecture. Inspired by soft and fluid forms from nature and architecture, Tracker can create limitless forms and shapes that, like in nature, are never linear.

When developing the supporting structure of Tracker, the design team’s idea was to imitate the flexible spine of reptiles. In fact, it can endlessly move through space with uncompromising agility. Baring in mind the inspiration of the design team being the spine and its flexibility it’s no surprise that tracker was made to become part of the standard ceiling construction where many details were taken into consideration: simple installation, maintaining the ceiling load capacity and no need to cut the primary ceiling construction. Tracker literally bends with the ceiling to track different ceiling radiuses and adapts to both, concave and convex surfaces.

Tracker - Asco Lights

Tracker can go up and down. With its ability to adapt to wall or ceiling ratios (+/-500 mm), it can vary from bold and artistic to a luminaire that discreetly blends in to your space. From classic horizontal to vertical curves, tracker can follow your space in many different ways. It can go straight or as a wave, and most important, all its modules can connect together into an endless fluid light line.

It’s not only about its clean looks; it’s also about the hidden logic of this luminaire, as it fits perfectly with standard construction elements. Tracker does not weaken the ceiling load capacity. In order to maintain the strength of the ceiling structure the low luminaire height corresponds to recessed depth of the secondary ceiling profile construction thus meaning that cutting the primary ceiling profiles is not required. With there being no such thing as one ceiling type the design team have mad Tracker to be adaptable to different plaster thickness. In order to cover all kinds of plaster thicknesses the luminarie is designed with two profile types.

Asco Lights - Tracker

Not only does the product provide many structural benefits, It also provides decorative purposes. Due to its high light output Tracker can be part of the night impressions of your building or space. Once nightfalls, the light provided from the luminaire can take over as your main task lighting or even your main source of ambient lighting. With the clean flow of light highlighting  each and every recess of your space like never before. 

Asco Lights - Tracker

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