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Tackling Glare In The Spa Area

Well planned lighting contributes significantly towards a relaxing spa experience. There are many different ways how lighting and colours can influence our health and well-being, but before considering the ways we can offer therapeutic attractions for guests, it is good to revise the general rules that apply to illuminating spa areas. Firstly, we must minimise glare. Spas often come with a lot of shiny surfaces that cause reflection. Water, mirrors, and tiles will all multiply the visual discomfort caused by unshielded luminaires shining into guests eyes, seriously reducing the comfort of the spa visit. Direct sunlight should be at a minimal within most spa areas. Artificial lighting should be directed either through appropriate diffusers, or reflected off special surfaces that will diffuse the light. This will cause some loss in light intensity and may require higher intensity luminaires to be installed, however this requirement will be certainly worth it in terms of guest safety and comfort. 

Using Light To Create A Sense Of Ambience 

With varying degrees of activities taking place within spas and leisure facilities, creating the required light levels is essential. Light levels impact stretches from creating the correct level of ambience to functionality in the form of task lighting. When designing lighting solutions for spas, it is a good idea to consider vertical illumination. With horizontal lighting only, any space will tend to have a gloomy look with dark walls and ceilings, with light hitting the floor. In order to avoid this, it is essential to plan accent lighting for the walls and interior decor. Not only will vertical lighting gives guests a feeling of safety as the dimensions of the room are clearly defined, but will also help to create an ambient and relaxing feel. By using subtle levels of light to highlight certain features, this will provide the desired effect of a holistic and relaxing space.  

Lighting Controls to Harness Light Levels

A lighting control system which gives you bespoke control over light levels, light temperature and RGBW (red, green, blue, white) control is the perfect lighting solution for fitness areas within spas and leisure centres. Areas used for high energy workout sessions, for example aerobics or spinning classes, would typically feature lighting systems such as overhead lighting or stage-only, this is so that the attention can be drawn to the fitness instructor who is leading the session. By having a lighting control system you will be able to maximise the effectiveness of the lighting design. Many HIIT classes include red and green zones for differing intensity levels. With the ability to change the colour of light from red to green and vice versa would allow for a more immersive experience for the class. For an activity such as yoga, the lighting is much calmer and less intense than a high energy class would require. A lighting control system also benefits this scenario. With the ability to change light levels through controlled dimming and light temperature changing technology at your fingertips, you will be able to create a level of zen required for any respecting yoga class. 

Electrical safety 

Water and electricity can cause trouble when mixed, and most electrical equipment should be kept away from all possible contact with moisture and wet conditions. Luckily, there are ways to prevent the electrical current from coming into contact with water. The international standard for the degree of protection is called the IP code. For Spa & leisure lighting you will be needing an IP rating of 44 or above with IP65 a required rating for luminaires in types of wet areas such as inside the spa.

Below is a breakdown of the most common IP ratings.

IP20 – this is a regular protection rating for indoor home lamps. IP20 luminaires have no protection against water damage.

IP44 – this is a common protection rating for lamps in more challenging locations such as bathrooms where the luminaire does not need to tolerate direct showering or rainfalls, but can occasionally receive a little splash of water.

IP65 – this is a common protection rating for outdoor lamps that need to tolerate heavy rainfall. 

IP67 – this rating is required from all luminaires that are placed low enough that they could temporarily be immersed in water. This is good for in-ground outdoor fittings such as floor luminaires near spa pools. 

IP68 – these are completely waterproof luminaires that can be installed underwater and usually come with a depth limit. IP68 rated luminaries are a perfect solution for any underwater pool lighting.  

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