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Cost Saving

Cost Saving
Cost Saving
Cost Saving

Buy direct from the lighting manufacturers at trade prices

Cost saving Lighting design is what we at Asco Lights aim to deliver. We completely understand how important it is to work within our clients budgets and this is something that our expert lighting design team take into full consideration.  Not only are we able to work with this but we are also able to demonstrate how further cost savings can be made due to our unique way of working with our clients. 

Over the 20 years of being in business Asco Lights have established a strong working relationship with over 100 of some of the very best manufacturers from around the world for both architectural and decorative lighting products. As we are an independent lighting design company we are able to specify and recommend lighting products and solutions that are fit for purpose based on clients’ style and taste. 

Would you buy a car without knowing the brand and model number? The answer is no, which is why we are completely transparent with our clients when recommended products and solutions.  We feel people are only able to make clear and informed decisions once they fully understand what they are buying, the benefits and buy into the manufacturers and understand guarantees, returns and after sales. We want to educate our clients as we understand it can be a very daunting task when it comes to making the correct decisions for your lighting.

The Process

After the lighting design has been approved by our clients and the technical loading schedule has been drawn up we will then introduce our clients directly to the appropriate manufacturers. On a project there could be between 4 to 10 different lighting manufacturers that our lighting designers have selected. The manufacturer will then email a quote with the trade discounts direct to our clients.  With this way of working our clients are able to buy at the best possible prices as we have authorised the manufacturers to deal directly and our clients have peace of mind and reassurance that they have been able to procure their lighting products and solutions directly.

Benefits to our clients

Huge cost savings are available as clients are able to buy direct from manufacturers who might be from the UK, Europe or Asia. With the goods delivered direct from the manufacturers to our clients full guarantees on all products bought from the manufacturers and full after sales support from the manufacturers are included. Our Lighting consultants can arrange several quotes to be sent from different manufacturers if the clients want to compare and look at what cost savings can be made by swapping lighting fittings and solutions to different manufacturers.  Our team will also assist with informing our clients what the differences are and the pros and cons. For more brilliant cost saving on premium lighting products p[lease don’t hesitate to Contact Us

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Cost Saving
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