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Choosing the right office lighting solutions is a lot more important than you may think. Asco lights offers the best lighting solutions for office spaces. Here at Asco we not only factor in the functionality of illuminating a space but the impact light has on the well being of those directly impacted by it.

Office lighting
office lighting
office lighting

Office lighting is often an area that is overlooked. Asco lights offers the best lighting for offices and commercial spaces, with a variety of different solutions and fittings. Making sure an office is lit effectively is important, studies have shown that working in an environment that’s well-lit and consistent, ensures that people work to their best ability, which is ultimately vital for businesses.

Choosing the right lighting solutions is crucial. When considering office lighting the first thing to concentrate on isn’t always the most obvious, the staff’s well being. Light influences our health and well-being in fundamental ways. Mood and behaviour are strongly affected by light, with prolonged darkness or dull weather leading to lassitude and depression with the right to light being encoded in urban building regulations. We need good quality light in order to see well. But light has a much more far-reaching significance. Without our being aware of it, daylight controls many biological processes in our bodies and therefore our internal clock. Light also dictates whether we are active or tired, whether we can concentrate or not and whether we feel good or not. High energy and concentration levels are crucial to any successful business and the right lighting design can provide just this. For instance, lighting within an office or workplace should be on the cooler side, around 4000-6000K to simulate daylight. This way, staff stay awake and don’t feel as lethargic, allowing them to work to their full potential whilst still feeling fresh.

office lighting
office lighting
office lighting

A long-term study by the Fraunhofer Institute shows why good light in the workplace improves performance and strengthens the bond between employees and the employer Ergonomic and individual workplace design has long been recognised as a key advantage in the competition for maximum employee motivation and dedication, no matter whether the workplace is a flexible desk in an open-plan office, in a comfortable two-desk office or a modern open space. More and more employers have to cope with increasingly demanding employees, who prioritise a healthy work-life balance and now expect almost the same standards at their workplace as at home, in what is known as work-life blending. 

Choosing the right fittings is also important. For an office, the ideal solutions would be profiles either recessed or suspended rather than chandeliers and pendants. This is because it provides a more seamless finish and makes the space look more modern, which is what an office may need. Profiles also ensure that lighting is consistent throughout the space, meaning it looks the same wherever you go and there’s no shadows. This is important as it adds towards the seamless nature and promotes working in an environment that’s more suited to the professional work taking place. Downlights are another great option for an office which would have a similar effect as a profile. A wide beam angle would be needed to make sure lighting is consistent throughout the space, with a colour temperature of 4000-6000K. This is to again simulate daylight and to make sure employees work to their best of their ability.  

In business if you can cut costs and improve performance there aren’t many better outcomes.  With clever lighting solutions this is exactly what can be done. Alongside energy efficient cost saving led technology, correct lighting design can also offer cost effective solutions to your business. For instance by using twin headed adjustable floor lamps and table lamps for specific task lighting, this would cut cost at first and second fix and no electrical contractors would be required for installation. We work with the UK & Europe’s leading suppliers whose lamp ranges offer a wide variety of options to fulfil lighting needs for individual rooms. Here at Asco we can supply lamps that can simulate the natural course of daylight if needed. The LED technology can provide different colours of light and can support the user’s different work phases in this way and also can also be dimmed. Floor lamps are also a great option to imitate the spread of light provided by downlights. Modern floor lamps are suitable for distributing light evenly to entire offices thanks to the combination of direct and indirect lighting. The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. 

For the best in human centric office lighting don’t hesitate to contact us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

office lighting
office lighting
office lighting

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