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Online Light Design Consultancy

Bringing expert light design to your front door

Do you have a lighting project that you want to undertake but can’t seem to find the time to go through all the details? Design plans, specification sheets, installation instructions and working samples all need to have an expert eye to look over them. Here at Asco Lights we understand the value of a face to face meeting to create a bespoke finish for your project, but it is not always possible for us to spend quality time together.

With our desire to be everyone’s local lighting designer this led to the birth of our online light design consultancy. Whether over Skype, Facetime or even over the phone, we can provide a full light design consultation to help to start bringing your lighting visions to reality.  With over a decade of experience in lighting design for commercial and residential clients throughout the UK, Asco Lights has the professional expertise to assist any architect, interior designer, electrical engineer, property developer, hotelier, home entertainment and automation company, restaurateur or homeowner on any size of project be it one room in a home or an entire commercial building.

Once the initial meeting has concluded and we have the required information from yourself, our design team can proceed with a full design service. The service will consist of a Light design service including detailed plans drawn in a format that is easily understandable. A detailed key is provided showing lighting symbols under the relevant application heading with circuitry information also highlighted. We can email the plans to yourself, but also give you the option to have pre-printed plans, specification sheets, installation guides and samples delivered to your door all ready for your project to move to the next stage!

Our highly skilled team of lighting consultants and project managers work tirelessly to turn client-driven illumination aspirations into radiant reality

Asco Lights boasts over a decade of lighting industry heritage. We consider ourselves to be lighting innovators, designers and connoisseurs, and we offer our expertise to clients who themselves maybe professionals or end users.

Through innovation & invention, passion & precision we aim to bring spectacular visions of light to life. We aim to develop client-focused solutions to ensure that all of our clients receive the most professional guidance.

We are established in the industry with a wide range of brands from across the UK and Europe that we closely work with to help provide each client with the highest quality products.

To register your interest for our online light design consultancy please fill in the required information and one of our consultants will be in touch soon to help turn bright ideas into reality!

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