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Occhio Wall Lights

Occhio Air System

Occhio air – new simplicity of staging With Occhio air Occhio expands its modular lighting systems to include a new dimension of operation. Whether switching, dimming, fading or creating entire […]

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Benefits of Asco Lights Lighting Design

We believe Asco Lights has the perfect design and lighting solution for your project.   Why Choose Asco Lights Lighting Design? When choosing a lighting consultancy to partner your important […]

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Ascolights in the Sunday Times

Ascolights is glad to announce that we have been collaborating with one of the main UK’s newspapers, The Sunday Times. We are delighted to work with Rob Kingston, giving the […]

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Flos Lighting Range

Flos was founded in September 1962, though the company originated from earlier, in the late 50’s. At that time Dino Gavina, a nonconformist who had the idea that Italy should […]

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Create the Perfect Lighting Design for Cafes

Making a statement about your cafe’s identity and drawing in passers-by is important when making your first impression count. Clever lighting your cafe can help this, providing ambience and mood, […]

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The Terzani Lighting Range

In 1972 in Florence, Italy, Terzani was founded by Sergio Terzani. Since its founding, Terzani has worked, bonding traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern technology together, to create lighting that blurs […]

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Lighting Solutions in Nightclubs

People usually go on night outs to nightclubs with friends to let of steam and just generally party and have a good time. Sometimes meeting people who they start a […]

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