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Architects are often asked to specify lighting products in the early stages of the design especially architectural fittings that are required to be installed at first fix. Here at Asco Lights our lighting design team can work alongside the architects to help them find the best products and lighting solutions for their project.

At Asco Lights we organise meetings with architects where we talk through the CAD plans, in order to situate the best possible lighting solutions in the most effective areas at a cost effective price. We then create our own CAD drawing for the Architect to have a visual of where lighting solutions are being placed.

Along with this we produce specifications for the architect to refer to which links a specific LED product with an area on the drawings so they can see what lights are being placed in which rooms. Karl Seddon, from Howard & Seddon Architects, is an architect we have worked with in order to produce such amazing LED outcomes for clients.

Interior Designers

Interior designers often seek out our design team for help and advice on architectural and decorative fittings for their projects. We can help by offering our industry expertise on solutions and products that would work in harmony with their scheme.

Interior designers often have a clear idea of what decorative lighting they would like to specify and with this in mind, our designers can point them in the right direction to find the ideal pieces.

We have worked with many interior designers, such as Alisa Bowen from Inside Studio LTD. We used her ideas of what she wanted the outcome of her project to look like and from this we were able to source the most beautiful and cost effective LED solutions to enhance her project and over exceed expectations.

Home Automation

Our Lighting design team often works alongside Home automation companies on the lighting control aspect of a project as these two areas of a project go hand in hand. Our team are always on hand to work alongside electrical contractors to provide specifications and installation guides or give direct instructions to ensure the products are installed correctly providing the best results.

One home automation company in particular that we worked with was Synergy AV, where we met with John Martin to conduct an effective lighting control system. It is always a brilliant synergy working with John Martin, our ideas go hand in hand and it is easy to conduct such an effective LED lighting solution for projects.

John Martin is always satisfied with our solutions and loves working with us as we have a real understanding for lighting control and home automation. We have expert knowledge on how lighting design can completely transform residential and commercial projects. After speaking to John he told us he was amazed by our “ability to source luxury lighting solutions so quick and at a cost effective price”.

Synergy AV were impressed with how innovative our designs were, the flawless dimming of our products and also the fact we ensure our products work efficiently before handing them over to the client.

Property Developers

Property developers are 100% focused on making their project as valuable and as successful as possible. They will often come to Asco Lights to partner up in the development of a new property, ensuring they have the highest quality products whilst still sticking within their budget.

Our team of lighting designers can advise on solutions and products to best suit the project and will help throughout the development with communication and advice to all on site. We have worked with Property Developers in the past, such as Altin Homes, where we consulted with Usif,  in order to conduct a cost effective lighting plan that will ensure the most luxurious lighting solutions were sourced at a budget.

The effect that lighting has on a brand new property is amazing. It can completely transform a build and this is why it was so important for us to do this effectively. By working with our skilled design team property developers can increase property value and rental yields with a bespoke finish and intelligent lighting design.

Lecturer & Students

If you are a student looking to further your knowledge of lighting and lighting design, here at Asco provides seminars for students either in workshops and seminars or on a one to one basis.

Our Head Lighting designer Ajay often receives requests from lecturers wanting to educate their students on lighting or lighting design. Students come from all disciplines and backgrounds including Interior design students, architecture students and product design students. Often students will also express a desire to gain some work experience in the industry and Ajay is also willing to help students with this as he understands how valid experience is within this industry. This not only broadens the students understanding of lighting but the lecturer’s too.

Asco Lights has a very strong strategic alliance with many local universities and colleges working in partnership with courses such as Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design.

We regularly provide students and graduates with work experience to further them in their careers. We have worked with various different Universities and organisations including the University of Bolton, University of Salford, University of Central Lancashire, and organisations such as the European Training Services and Unite with Business from University of Lancaster.

Electrical Contractors

When it comes to installation, there are so many different products in the marketplace that sometimes installation can be a completely different process to what the electrical contractor is used to.

Our design team are always on hand to work alongside electrical contractors to provide specifications and installation guides or give direct instructions to ensure the products are installed correctly providing the best results.

Here at Asco we believe that without the correct installation no design can be truly complete. As the designers this provides us with a responsibility to overlook the installation process and make sure it is completed to the highest standard. 

Home owners

Having the right lighting in your home is essential. From cooking your favourite meal to curling up on the sofa to watch a film, each and nearly all situations require the correct lighting. 

Our design consultants will work with you and your team on site to create the most beautiful lighting design to really add value to your home.

The lighting design service will include full lighting design floor plans, a presentation, full product specification, loading schedule and quotation. Here at Asco we can do this for any size project from one room in your house to large scale designs and properties. Alternatively, we can provide product supply only and will give the best advice based on our knowledge gained in over ten years in the industry.

Retailers & Manufacturers

At Asco Lights we deal with both retailers to help light there space and also manufactures within the lighting industry.  

Here at Asco we work with retailers from department stores to small clothing stores on improving their lighting. Providing the best lighting for them can help the products look more appealing, thus improving sales and also making the space more welcoming and enjoyable to consumers. 

We supply products for over 25 manufacturers from all over Europe. He can also provide manufacturers with the opportunity to spread the word of their company here in the UK.

With our broad range of contacts within the industry, we can help manufacturers break into the often hard to crack UK industry, we will do this by using press releases, visits on behalf of the manufacturer and also advertising campaigns.

Mary & Stuart Wilson – Coventry

We approached Ascolights as had no clue on what to do when building our new home. Their vast knowledge really helped us to design the lighting to suit the features of home. They made it look so luxury and well

Rebecca Beckingham, Director – Cardiff

We were determined to make our office space a productive and motivating environment for our employees. After discovering the ascolights website and seeing the benefits that lighting has for productivity, we approached them what we wanted to accomplish. Their great

Michael Lee, Director – Chester

As a company, we wanted something unique for our new restaurant whilst still keeping a similar style of our other locations. They took into account the look of our brand but gave us a fresh and new design to really

Amelia Harrison – Bristol

I was converting the basement of my Victorian house so needed plenty of lighting brightened up a very dark space. Also, there was difficulty of low ceilings they came up with really luxurious bespoke lighting that matched the styling of

Jayne & Gary Sandilands – Lake District

We had a project of renovating an old barn, so need completely new lighting. It needed to accommodate the high ceilings and large amount of space we had to work with. They offered many solutions to suit the mood and

Michelle Turner – Brighton

I wanted something fun for my little girl’s room, as she loves bright colours. Ascolights gave me fabulous ideas using coloured LED lights that were all really pretty and girly, which I would have never thought of. They made it

Colin Dalton – Nottingham

Although I had already planned with my builders the lighting design, they were extremely useful to source products from. The high quality of the products gave the development a luxury feel, which the homeowners also agreed with. I would use

Sandra & Henry Ahovi – Cambridge

Modernising our kitchen was something we wanted to get absolutely perfect. This meant the lighting need to be perfect as well. Ascolights gave us a wide range of options to choose from, which suited our needs. They were so accommodating

John Leese – Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Ascolights were a great help when I was making my cinema room, having never had one before they gave me great advice to how to get the most out of my lighting. It has really enhanced the room and made

Andrew & Emily Rogerson – Yorkshire

We wanted to redesign our garden so we could use it all year round and really make the most out of the space it. Asco lights took what we had in mind and brought it to life. The new design

Wendy & Graham Callan

I would recommend Asco in a heartbeat. When you factor in the advice you get, the access to product you will never see on the high street and their knowledge of how to layer a scheme together it is well

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