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Designing good lighting for hotels is about more than creating stylish products that are on trend and look the part. Lighting really does make or break the traveller’s hotel experience. Hotel Lighting must be approached from multiple perspectives; either from that of the hotelier, the lighting designer and above all else the guest. By using top quality products that provide efficient lighting and enhance the guest experience whether it be from first impressions in the Lobby or more intimate settings such as within the room, lighting principles can be followed to enhance each and every space in a hotel. 

Lobby Lighting 

The lobby of a hotel is arguably the most important space. The lobby is the first impression you have to give to guests and as we know first impressions are everything. Wherever possible natural light should be utilised. Natural lighting will make a space feel more open and welcoming, putting guests immediately at ease setting a relaxed atmosphere that guests will be seeking. If a lot of natural lighting in the lobby isn’t possible then the correct use of ambient and decorative lighting can provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere also. From Pendants to Floor Lamps, Chandeliers to wall mounted lights, all can contribute to ambient lighting. By using decorative ambient features you will be able to portray the personality of your hotel. For instance, if you have a high end hotel a visually striking fitting such as a bespoke chandelier spreading light over a large open lobby would provide a real touch of class and elegance from the moment guests walk in.  

Hotel Stairways & Hallways

As staircases and hallways are what links a hotel together, adding lighting can be the perfect solution to ensuring ambience is carried throughout. Lighting for this area should appear like a soft, gentle glow which is likely to entice the eye, while complementing the surroundings whilst still remaining illuminated enough so it’s safe to navigate. By adding recessed wall lighting, a wash of subtle light will be cast across the stairway creating a beautiful glow. This technique is versatile and ideal to use on any type of stairs making it the perfect choice when wanting to highlight the curves of any staircase. Miniature wall recessed lighting is available and produces a more refined light. Though smaller this light can still catch an eye with its radiance. By layering lighting on a staircase, an impactful effect can be made which is sure to wow. A combination of wall lights and uplighters can be effective in providing a classic stairway with a contemporary touch.

hotel lighting
hotel lighting
hotel lighting

Hotel Room Lighting

Room Lighting is crucial to the guest experience as the right start to do the day can be ensured with well planned lighting design. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. You wake up before sunrise and your eyes have adjusted to the dark. You reach out to turn on the bedside lamp and are immediately blinded by bright lights that you can’t adjust.. Even worse, the light wakes up your spouse and your children, and now everybody’s day is off to a frustrating start. By Implementing a lighting system that has the correct even spread of light, light is layered for the needs of guests that is further enhanced by a control system that enables guests to alter lighting colour, intensity and setting the mood they require. Affordable and versatile LEDs have made traditional fluorescent lights obsolete, and any hotel bathroom should include LEDs. Hitting a switch and waiting several seconds for the flickering lights to come on interrupts the guest experience, which should be seamless. 

Hotel Bar & Restaurant

Like any bar hotel bars  want to create a vibrant or dramatic scene to provide a greater sense of energy and entertainment. Lighting can provide visitors with a sense of orientation as they enter the venue. Guests will naturally be drawn to a brightly lit bar and it creates a focal point for the space. Designers may apply brighter lighting or use different coloured lighting around a bar to create a striking, eye catching scene. This should include a mix of ambient lighting, task lighting and feature lighting. Ambient lighting will determine the feel of the bar area. For example, If there is a high ceiling above the bar area and It fits your brand image, A low drop crystal chandelier would be a great idea for ambient lighting that also provides decorative lighting. Feature Lighting to highlight stock on the back bar is vital. If your guests haven’t had a look at the drinks menu, it always helps to have premium stock appropriately lit so Guests know what is available. Lighting solutions such as LED pixel tape with RGBW colour mixing capability (Red, Green, Blue, White), allowing for a huge colour spectrum and fantastic variation are a brilliant option for feature lighting. The importance of task lighting behind the bar is a point largely overlooked as bar staff need correct lighting when preparing drinks.  has a huge impact on the experience of each and every person who dine there. The lighting in the hotel restaurants serves a number of purposes. Firstly, it must enhance the mood within your restaurant whilst being functional enough for your staff to work in, without interfering with the ambience. Effective illumination in a restaurant will embody the design theme and help to convey a positive impression of the space. The use of accent lighting to highlight your restaurant’s special features is a powerful and effective tool. Examples would include the use of directional lighting and up-lighters to highlight points of interest like coving, architectural features, artwork and so on. Most restaurants seek to create an intimate feel. A recommendation for light temperature would be between 2200k – 2400k to compliment any natural light source whilst maintaining a sense of ambience. 

For more help with designing the perfect lighting for hotels or any other sectors of the hospitality industry, our expert team would love to hear from you. Contact us and one of our designers will be in touch to help guide you through your bespoke lighting design. 

hotel lighting
hotel lighting
hotel lighting

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