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This means that our ideas and strategic proposals for exterior lighting reflect the same attention to detail as our interior lighting projects. When viewed from inside the home after dark, exterior gardens and landscapes should become inviting and welcoming and lighting plays the centre stage role in achieving this. With over 20 years of lighting experience, we are extremely proud of our project outcomes and our landscape & garden designs that we believe are truly fascinating and will enhance any exterior project.

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Highly Experienced Exterior Lighting Services

Exterior Lighting really showcases your home and can beautifully illuminate the interesting features within your architecture. Not only this, an exterior lighting design will give you the perfect setting for your exterior whether it’s a burst of colour for garden parties or to create ambience on a warm summer evening.

Asco Lights have an extensive range of products that when cleverly used, can create the most stunning environment tailored to how you use the space. Low level lighting can guide the way along your footpath while cleverly placed spike lights can highlight and show off your landscape.

Why Choose Asco Lights?

Over 15 years of experience within the lighting industry.

We have a highly creative and committed design team able to deliver outstanding value, all based in house with no work outsourced.

We distribute for over 30 European manufacturers allowing you to procure all products at a trade price and gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

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