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Cinema Room Lighting

Bespoke Lighting solutions for an Ambient Home cinema Room

A home cinema is not only deserving of a beautiful and well crafted light design, a home cinema requires this. Home cinemas will need a varying degree of light with multiple layers. You will want to be able to control light levels to minimise glare that affects your viewing pleasure, relevant task lighting such as illuminating steps or ramps and ambient lighting that fits with the feel of the space. 

With a plethora of innovative products to help create the perfect home cinema a truly spectacular space can be created. 

As you can see in the video below, there are two sets of concentric rectangles using an RGBW pixel LED in a seamless plaster-in profile. It is operated via a 4-way RF scene switch allowing you to select a low level warm white, a bright warm white and then two other scenes of your choosing. 

The speed and brightness of the scenes is determined via a WiFi interface offering a user friendly interface to match the lighting of your cinema space to the mood or feel you require. The LED also carries a true white chip meaning it can be used as ambient lighting but at the touch of a button can be activated to dramatically change the atmosphere or theatre of a space.


Another fantastic design option for your home cinema lighting is a plaster in profile with a black diffuser. With the seamless plaster in profile with a black diffuser, it offers you more design possibilities for linear lighting designs together with the aluminium profiles.

If the light is switched off the profile is totally black. If you switch on the LED strip the black line changes to an illuminated line. This creates the opportunity for seamless light installation where there may be a black wall or ceiling, and is perfect for subtle, traditional cinema styled lighting.

Recessed LED lighting is a great option for cinema rooms. Whether it be on ceilings or along walls, the subtle light level and aesthetic appearance combine a classic low light cinema feel with a more contemporary design.  In the image below you can see how by using recessed panelled lighting along the wall glare is kept to a minimum, light levels are relaxed and help to create a sense of ambience that any home cinema room will benefit from.


cinema room lighting - LED Lighting - kreon dolma


For the complete cinema look low level lighting is key. Not only do low levels illuminate pathways and stairs preventing you tripping over potential hazards they also bring a polished finish keeping with the feel of the room, providing a crucial layer of lighting that combines functionality and style. 

Keeping with lighting principles, the correct design for layering light in your home cinema room can either make or break the design. You could use all of the previous lighting solutions mentioned but if they are not used in harmony the potential of the space will be wasted. 

When layering light you will have to consider what feel you will want for the space, taking into account dimensions and layout. 

A variety of layers of lighting can really help open up the space. Using Up and down wall lights can wash light over a space and combined with the correct ambient or decorative lighting can create a more open feel.

Many home cinema rooms feature a coffer. Light the coffer with LED strip lighting to create a warm shadow free light, removing the chance of unwanted shadows affecting your viewing experience. Paired with adjustable downlights capable of highlighting any dark spots such as side tables, creates a brilliant option for required task lighting.

Here at Asco lights we have worked with multiple clients on successful home cinema projects. We offer a bespoke lighting design service to make sure your project combines your vision with our industry leading knowledge.

For more information on how our expert design team can help to create your dream home cinema room don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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