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Lighting Tips

Increase light level by placing luminaires close to the task, or by selecting lamps with more lumens (look for the lamp lumen rating on the package). Use light colour finishes on walls and ceilings to soften the effects of bright

Some tips for choosing luminaires

Avoid clear-glass luminaires. For luminaires that have a visible reflector, select a semi-specular or matte finish. Luminaires with specular reflectors can reflect the image of the light source and product glare. Paint inside of architectural luminaires (soffits, coves, and valances)

How do I specify and install lighting controls?

Older adults will require higher light levels and may have more sensitivity to glare. Because older adults cannot completely adapt to dim conditions, lighting controls should be used in transitional spaces, such as hallways and foyers, to provide high light

How do I select and install luminaries?

Luminaires, or light fixtures, fall into six categories: recessed, ceiling-mounted, suspended, architectural, wall-mounted, and plug-in. Recessed luminaires Recessed luminaires direct light downward or toward a wall. The light distribution pattern can be narrow or broad, intense or diffuse, and provide

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