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As Technology advances, it increases our capacity as light designers to Innovate. With the demands of light ever increasing, technology is having no problem keeping up. With clever designs for multiple different types of lighting, never before have so many options for creative flair and industry leading technology to combine. Projects are being pushed further with innovative designs benefiting from the latest technology. 

In this article I will discuss some of the technology leading the way in the world of light design. From a plaster in profile with a black diffuser which offers more design possibilities for linear lighting designs together with the aluminium profiles to a custom digital LED pixel control system that achieves breathtaking colour changing effects. 

With the potential for commercial and residential projects, the seamless plaster in profile with a black diffuser is being used as not only a versatile product but also to the benefit of interior designers. The diffuser works amazingly well with black ceilings creating a slick and clean finish. If the light is switched off the profile is totally black. If you switch on the LED strip light the black profile changes to an illuminated line seemingly appearing at the push of a button. This creates the opportunity for seamless light installation where there may be a black wall or ceiling. The Product has been popular in residential properties, especially in home cinema rooms for an authentic cinema feel. The diffuser has helped designers to provide the perfect light level and sense of ambience a home cinema room deserves.

Another product that’s popular on both commercial and residential projects is LED pixel tape. What makes the LED pixel tape so popular is what makes it so innovative. LED Pixel Tape enables the user to control each and every LED on the tape independently, allowing for more intricate and exciting animated colour changing effects, such as colour chases, colour waves, strobing, fading and rain effects. A single run of LED Pixel Tape can be programmed to display multiple different colours simultaneously. The diversity in choice and control allows lighting designers to incorporate this technology in many projects. From commercial projects such as shop fronts or display boards at expo’s. The ability to control each LED individually, along with full RGBW colour mixing capability (Red, Green, Blue, White), has seen lighting designers harness the product for more and more projects due to the high level of visual aesthetic provided. The ability to use RGBW especially has seen it used in a variety of spaces such as a high spec gyms, modern cinema spaces or even within an office space.


light - LED tape

LED pixel tape on display in the High Spec Gym, giving the space a much more clean and futuristic feel.

As Lighting technology continues to innovate so to do the designers who bring life to each product. With plenty more of amazing products out there it will be interesting to see what is the next big thing to take over the world of lighting. With plenty of Innovative technology to choose from, don’t hesitate in looking for your very own lighting wonder.

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