Gym Lighting

Asco Lights offers the best solutions for gym lighting, from wall lights to recessed profiles, we have a wide variety of products that can be used seamlessly to get the most out of the environment.

For a gym, it is important to make sure it is well lit all the way around, with a cool temperature as this subconsciously keeps the mind awake and not feeling relaxed. An example of how this works is in an office. The colour temperature in an office should be around 4000K as this is close to daylight. This ensures that employees stay awake when working and feel energised. Whereas if the office was around 2700K, a warmer white, this would make the employees feel relaxed and might make them tired, which isn’t productive when it comes to working. The warmer white colour would be more well suited towards a home or residential place, where people can relax. The same case applies in a gym, the colour temperature of light should range between 4000-6000K to ensure that you can get the most out of your workout. We can offer the availability to colour tune white with our products, which means changing the colour anywhere from 2700K-6000K and is perfect for getting just that right colour for your gym.

Surface mounted, suspended and recessed profiles can all be used to make sure every area in the gym is lit properly as it has such a wide spread of light. Surface mounted are profiles that are attached to the ceiling, with drivers and all the other required parts within the fitting and can have a sleek look to it. A suspended profile can be used in a higher ceiling space as it is suspended from the ceiling, to achieve the same effect. Recessed means just the profile shows in the ceiling and all the drivers are behind the fitting. It can look sleek as it looks part of the ceiling and is ideal if the ceiling is quite low and not much room for a suspended fitting. The profiles can either be circular or rectangular, or both and can be used

As well as colour tuneable white, we can implement RGBW into the profiles. This means allowing to choose any colour to light up the gym in a completely different way and can be useful for a particular mood and getting motivated, or for a class and syncing the RGBW with the music to create a stunning effect across the gym to take your workout to the next level. Scenes can also be pre-set so all you have to do is press a button and all the lighting for the scene will switch on and adds ease into creating moods. This is an incredible way to light up your gym in a way that was unimaginable and making sure that your workout is effective every time. Contact us for more information!