The success of Asco’s Virtual room.

Asco Lights Online Virtual room demonstrating the use and effects of all lighting products both architectural and decorative for various scenes which can be applied to domestic/ residential settings or commercial

Create the perfect lighting scene at the click of a button

Asco Lights are leading the way forward using intelligent technology.  Our online virtual room has given us great client expansion through allowing the customer an insight into the world of lighting. Here we have given the client the tools to create their perfect lighting scene at the click of a button.

The Emotional Role of Lighting Design

By using our virtual room, users get a feel of the important emotional role lighting plays and how each individual space can be depicted in such a different way just by using lighting. With our field of work being very visually focused, we have found this to be an excellent way of communicating its’ importance and how our products work. It demonstrates that a change in lighting whether it’s subtle or dramatic can alter an individual’s mood in an instant.

Lighting Scenes for Every Mood

Our ‘scenes’ range from ‘relax’ to ‘party’ and each create the required mood. In ‘party’ mode, bright vibrant lights on all levels liven up the room with not so much direct lighting and lots of sparkle. Meanwhile, the ‘relax’ scene creates a subtle ambiance. The interactive screen creates a fun and easy to use experience, an approach which has not been used before within lighting design

This ground-breaking tool has brought in a significant number of new projects expanding our client base. The increase in business has led to an expansion within our Asco Lights team having taken new staff on this year.

New Virtual Lighting Rooms Planned

Due to the success of the virtual room, we are now heading towards creating several more virtual room sets including an outdoor garden, cinema room and swimming pool. The growth within our company has led us to concentrate on re vamping our stunning showroom which is now available for Venue Hire for events, photo shoots, private parties and filming sessions and is a great new venture for our business!

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