Mood Lighting

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Mood lighting for any project

Asco Lights offer a professional design service to create the best mood lighting for any residential or commercial project. Mood Lighting plays a crucial part in any design as it effects the emotion of those around. A simple change in lighting using mood lighting can change the space around you without altering decoration or style. Design and mood lighting can be so clever in the way you can change a look in the click of a button.

Lighting control systems

Mood lighting can be regulated with Lighting controls and remote control lighting to create the desired mood. Asco’s design team are experts in creating moods and ambience within their designs which they create with passion and flair. RGB and colour change LED lighting can be a fantastic way to incorporate mood lighting and again can play with a person’s emotions; reds and pinks for a romantic scene and while relaxing atmospheres are created with blues and greens.

Colour change lighting

We can go one step further and introduce an amBX system which controls your lighting scenes and can replicate sounds on screen, to a film, TV show or music video. Or any music played whether it’s a CD or over the radio. The lighting will change to the sound and beats of the music. This kind of thing is hugely popular in the likes of cinema rooms to create spectacular ambience while still maintaining a relaxing setting. Another popular use of the amBX is in open plan living spaces which may be used for socialising and parties. Mood lighting really creates a WOW factor in any residential or commercial setting.

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