Lighting Your Home In Winter

Tips for Lighting your Home at Winter

With winter coming upon us, we want our home lighting the feel cosy and warming to escape from the rain and grey skies. With the end of the gorgeous British summer time we have had this year, this time of year can make you feel gloomy and not your best. As winter sets in, your mood changes and you need to change up your lighting to reflect this.

The Hall

Although not used as much as other rooms, it is important to have a lighting scheme in this area so it feels very inviting as soon as you walk through the door. How warm your lighting feels is a huge factor, so having the right colour temperature of bulbs is key. LED bulbs are best to choosing the correct colour, go for a warm bulb around 2700k to achieve the cosy and warm ambience. Vintage style filament bulbs can also create a cosy glow and add an element of interest to the space. You could also set lamps on timers so they are already on for when you arrive home from work so you are immediately welcomed in from the cold.

The Living Room

One of the most used spaces of the home during the winter periods, as we are out and about as much. Your living room winter scheme is crucial, so creating a softly lit space is very relaxing however you also need to keep in the mind the tasks you carry out in here.  You may read or do work in the living room as well as relaxing so it is important to incorporate task lighting with the correct illumination you need. Floor lamps that highlight specific spaces are a great way to strike the balance between ambience and functionality. By using lamps to create low level lighting rather than one pendant to light the whole room. Scattering pockets of light evenly helps to add to the cosy atmosphere. Also choose a larger lampshade creates a softer indirect light source, placing them in the corners of the room also helps to avoid shadows. Adding a twinkly modern chandelier can be a great accent to the living room and give it that luxurious finish to complete you lighting design scheme.

The Bedroom

The bedroom should be a tranquil and peaceful space to ensure you get the best night’s sleep. A bright ceiling pendant may be necessary for getting dressed and other tasks, but also considered adding different lamps around the room to create a gorgeous ambient lighting scheme.  For sophisticated lighting, create symmetry on one wall with a pair of designer wall lights, which will add a boutique hotel elegance. A simple trick is to change up your lampshades to richer and darker colours when winter arrives to add the cosiness of your bedroom.

At Asco Lights we can provide a bespoke lighting consultancy service – why not get in touch today and see how we can help you make the most of the lighting in your home.