Autumn Glamour with Asco Lights

Autumn Glamour with Asco Lights –Top tips to create a bespoke space at home using lighting

Autumn – a time of year when cold and darkness begin to shadow our daily lives – a time when the comfort of home is more important than ever. As they say, ‘there’s no place like home’ and in order to create a more inviting space, perfect to enjoy and entertain in, illuminations and design can be used. Whether this is in the grandeur of Cheshire, or a more modest locality, lighting has the ability to create a glamorous, warm ambience, whatever the size of the property.

In order to create a bespoke space, here at Asco Lights, we can assist in every aspect of transforming commercial, and in this case, domestic properties. From project management to product sourcing, we strive to make all customers feel confident and knowledgeable on creating the wow – factor in their home. In this, with the help of over 20 year’s industry experience, we are the go – to experts for illumination design working with everyone involved in the process such as architects, interior designers, electrical contractors and home automation companies.

With this being said, here are our top tips to create a bespoke space at home with Asco Lights this autumn;

The earlier the better – How Planning can create your ideal space

Life does indeed get in the way – especially when redesigning your home. It may feel stressful and overwhelming – in particular, where to start. At Asco Lights, we understand this and recommend that lighting design, though usually left to the last minute, should be considered as early as possible. Whether this is a new – build or renovation, it is best to create lighting schemes at an early stage – around the same time as plumbing.

More so, even before lighting, it is important that furniture and picture arrangements are planned so as to know where illuminations will eventually go. This will not only keep costs down on things such as lighting supplies, but will also assist in giving you a clear idea on the end result, helping to create the desired glamorous ambience.

It’s all in the detail – Using variety and focus

After deciding to use lighting design in your home, there are a few things you should know in how best to turn aspirations into reality.

This includes firstly, variety. As they say variety is the spice of life and no truer words were spoken then in regards to illuminations. This is because, just as you would use different textures and colours for decoration, doing the same for lighting creates interest within the home. An example of this could be mixing uplights, downlights, as well as free standing lamps in order to create mood and space.

Secondly, focus and focal points. Whatever furniture, art or architectural features are in your home, illuminations can be used to draw the eye to where you wish. From installing vertical lights in a shelving unit, to edge – lighting in a bathroom, the possibilities for lighting design is endless.

Don’t forget the garden – Ways to enjoy it all throughout the year

You love your trees being illuminated all year round so you can appreciate every leaf, but when leaves fall the branches are left behind. This can look a little scary and more like a backdrop for a horror movie rather than a garden, toning down the lights on branches helps to soften them. One great trick is to add a frost lens to each of your spotlights to diffuse the light for a nice soft glow of light. Pathway lights are great too, for safety and aesthetics, illuminate and define paths. Avoid a ‘runway’ effect by creating a sense of balance and staggering the lighting on each side. For outdoor lighting, LED is best and most cost effective, they provide a lot less harsh light. LED technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds so you can get them in a wide range of colour temperatures, we’d suggest a warm 2700k to create a welcoming feel to your garden at autumn.

We hope you find these top tips helpful and remember the possibilities of lighting design are endless in creating a glamorous and bespoke space at home this autumn!