Why Asco Lights is so Successful

Asco Lights Lighting Designers

Asco Lights deliver the most stunning projects with their talented Lighting design team. The teams’ passion for what they do shines through into the professional designs they produce.

Here at Asco Lights the design team truly understand the importance of lighting and how it can so easily change a space. A clever use of lighting can change the way you feel within that space- a warm wash of lighting can make a space relaxing and cosy whilst a bright white light is more clinical and better for undergoing tasks.

With the use of lighting control systems Asco can allow their clients to create the perfect scene or setting in the click of a button. Lighting control can be used alongside innovative lighting products to create a number of scenes suited for several occasions or uses. Each can easily be activated with one button alone. Users may want to create the perfect lighting for a party and with a combination of colour change lighting and clever architectural lighting we can design a client’s scheme with this in mind. The client may also require a relaxing setting to their lights and so this can also be accommodated this by adding in dimmable, warm lighting.

In the click of a button people can be made to feel productive, relaxed, excited, romantic etc.

The team at Asco are great at using some really brilliant innovative products to solve design solutions and make the most of a space. With a wealth of design experience and an eye for detail, they can easily recommend solutions on how to light the darkest of spaces or perhaps the trickier places such as lighting and apex or along a beam. Asco’s wide range of products and various links with manufacturers from all over Europe means they can always find the perfect product for any space.

The design team at Asco Lights all have experience in the design industry and all have full honours degrees in interior design. This experience means they creatively minded and are one step ahead of others and allows them to create impressive and professional renders, drawings and CAD plans for the client using the latest design packages. The renders and drawings help the client to really visualise the lighting design in their space and possibly to assist the likes of the interior designer deciding on finishes and furniture locations. Years of experience using the latest design packages allow the team to create professional and mind blowing visuals to really impress the client. The CAD plans not only help the client but also indicate the location of fittings to electricians, home automation specialists, interior designers and architects on site.

Clients are really impressed with the presentation document they receive from the design team- something that makes Asco lights unique and stand out amongst others. I lot of time and effort goes into this presentation to make it individual and thorough for the client. This presentation illustrates each individual product and gives an explanation to why each product is in each particular area. It also helps to visualise the products in the room. These thorough presentations ensure that the client has full confidence in Asco’s work and that everything is covered before the project starts.

The Asco team really push themselves to the limits always wanting to improve and learn. The team regularly visit lighting and design shows all over Europe and travel to the likes of Italy and Belgium to personally meet their manufacturers and to learn about new products. This dedication really makes Asco Lights stand out above the rest!

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