Asco Lights expansion

Asco Lights are continuing to grow as a Lighting design company with new staff members and interns. With the larger demand for Lighting design projects, Asco lights have had the opportunity to expand it’s team.

To maintain a great knowledge of lighting, design and the products we use, the team go on regular visits to lighting shows and manufacturers.

This year the design team visited the Light and Build show in Frankfurt to gain the opportunity to get a glimpse of the industry’s latest products and new manufacturers on the scene.

Next week the team visit Belgium, where they will be taken on a factory tour by one of their main Manufacturers to learn more about their latest products and how they are made.

This will help the team bring their clients the most innovative products in the best way having learnt about each one straight from the manufacturer. This coupled with their knowledge in design helps to deliver the most professional lighting design schemes.

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