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Asco Lights are proud to represent the lighting brand Vibia. Asco Lights expert lighting design team can work closely with you on your residential or commercial project and will add great value to your project. We will offer you the best possible price for all Vibia products together with excellent customer service.

Light is one of the primal forces that shaped the world as we know it and its creative power is now used to create an entire world of personalized microuniverses.

Vibia is based in Barcelona (SPAIN), a place of cultivated design culture and an important knowledge cluster, where they have been able to channel our industrial and service suppliers’ abilities and construct a top-class team of people.

Vibia’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to identify himself or herself with the surrounding space by supplying the right lighting and inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and architecture and interior and lighting design professionals with a unique range of lighting products.

Vibia evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals – often unexpected – to help create the desired feelings and create the most beautiful interior and exterior lighting.


Vibia believe in their energy and in their future.


Vibia products are perfect for both residential and commercial projects, Interior and Exterior. For more information please contact our sales team on 0161 2070212

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