VG New Trend Lighting

VG New trend arabesque collection Asco Lights. Crystal lighting chrome lighting hanging pendant chandelier

VGNewTrend Lighting

Asco lights are excited to be representing the brand VGNewTrend. Asco Lights expert lighting design team can work closely with you on your residential or commercial project to add value. We will offer you the best possible price for all VGNewTrend products together with excellent customer service.

VG’s lighting phylosophy is to give life and a unique atmosphere to different kind of spaces. This italian company based in Treviso, Italy,  provides  luxury design lighting for interiors. All of the high quality items such as pendant chandeliers, floral lighting and wall lights, are a wise fusion between retro style and contemporary spirit. Most of the elegant and eclectic collection is created by Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marilena Calbini, designers with a high sense of refinement .The ‘Egg Arabesque’ lamps  are a beautiful illustration of the fine art giving off  a soft light and intimate ambiance. Other lines are inspired by scenery with an innovative shape in order to  recall the movement of the flames moved by the wind. These new lanterns are ideal to wrap you in a special atmosphere.They  can be used for any event and be placed wherever you want also outside. Whatever you are looking for, you will find in VGNewTrend.

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