Showroom Renovation – why detail is so important!

As you may have read recently we’re very much in the throes of having the showroom renovated. A lot of time went into the development of its design before giving the go ahead to start the actual building of the space. As the space is within a characterful older building we have had to address certain architectural elements in a very specific manner to ensure the space looks the best it possibly can.

There has been a lot of bespoke items made to ensure they fit within the space perfectly, finish detail has been thoroughly researched. The goal ultimately is to have an amazing showroom, however its secondary goal is to provide YOU with tons of lighting options. One trick we’ve used is to have LED tape grooved into shelves at an angle to ensure that we get maximum light from the source but the dots of LEDs are hidden and do not appear on the final surface. This is a trick that  can easily be used within your own space, whether you’re placing LED tape into a bookshelf or under kitchen cabinets. These small forethoughts can lead to a better, cleaner and slicker design overall.