Showroom: Bespoke Furniture

When it comes to designing a space, there is nothing more beneficial than bespoke fittings or furniture. We’ve recently commissioned several stunning pieces, The crowning glory is our bespoke feature wall, which will have a stunning centre circular bookcase/shelves, crafted from luxurious woods, glass and finished in a stunning champagne metallic lacquer. In the back of the circle a stunning piece of transparent artistic glass or resin acrylic will be backlit and colour changing tape will frame all of the other elements within this circle. The piece is bookended by beautiful etched glass mirrors and amazing wall lights will then sit on top of these, reflecting the soft glow into the space.

Another commissioned piece is a stunning shelving unit which will hold host to an amazing and stunning piece of glass artwork in the centre which will be backlit, shelves will come off this. As this will be sitting in an awkward space, we have cleverly designed the back to actually be a little deeper to allow curtains to sit behind the bookshelf to avoid curtains getting in the way.

It has to be said that the thing that really brings these bespoke pieces to life is the thoughtful way that we have used lighting and integrated it incredibly effectively to highlight and draw attention to the details we have put into the design of the piece.