Lighting Design Cost Savings

Lighting design cost savings

All too often a lighting designer’s importance is overlooked or brought in too late in a project. Here are some of the reasons why having a lighting designer is so important and why we can provide you with great cost savings

We will avail lighting solutions and opportunities within the project before first fix in order to create the best and most creative solutions for you. Doing this at an earlier stage will allow us to create dramatic layering and depth within your dwelling which may not available on second fix.

By meeting us earlier, you, the client can understand how critically important lighting is to the successful completion on their project. Not only this, we are given the opportunity to educate the client and allow them to really understand latest in led technology. We can teach you about the pros and cons of various manufacturers and what or who we think would be best for you and your project.

We will work with your contractors and show them best practice of installation so they get it right first time without hassle on site and to prevent expensive mistakes being made such as getting dimensions correct or installing a product incorrectly. As well as this we will identify dimming protocols where wiring can be saved and the number of drivers can be saved. We will identify components that will save you money and we will show you how you will get a genuine trade discount across the products you buy by choosing to go with us.

Because we represent over 50 manufactures from all over the world, we will always pick products to suit your price range and style giving you a tailored approach, every client is different.

As well as helping you on site, we are always on the other end of the phone to offer help and advice at all times and all information is provided to you in plans and various documents for you to refer back to and for your contractors to work to. These documents save your contractors valuable time on site as everything they need to know is provided from the start.

Because we have a hands on approach it takes away the stress for the end client as you have a professional involved who knows what they’re doing.

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