White colour tunable LEDs – the latest innovation in LED technology

asco lights cri colour rendering index cri led

Asco Light’s LIGHTING INSIGHT open day will demonstrate the latest innovation in LED technology- the white colour tuneable LEDs allowing users to tune their lighting from 2700k to 6500k.

This light allows exceptional CRI including the challenging R9/reds and are suited to the most demanding of applications such as retail and hospitality.

What is CRI?

CRI, Or colour rendering index, is a measurement of a light source’s accuracy in rendering different colours when compared to a reference light source with he same correlated colour temperature. It generally ranges from 0 for a source like low- pressure sodium vapour lamp, which is monochromatic, to 100, for a source like an incandescent light bulb, which emits essentially blackbody radiation, The higher the CRI, the better the visual perception of colours. CRI is related to colour temperature, in that the CRI measures for a pair of light sources can only be compared if they have the same colour temperature.

The highest attainable CRI is 100. Lamps with CRIs above 70 are typically used in office and living environments. A standard ‘cool white’ flourescent lamp will have a CRI near 62. A standard ‘cool white’ led has a CRI of 75 and ‘warm white’ 80-85

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