Concealed Lighting

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Concealed Lighting

Lighting that hides just the source and not the effect can be very successful in creating a minimalistic and simplistic view. They can be used in many different rooms in an interior and can be achieved in many different ways. The lights can be in places such as slots in the walls or the ceiling that won’t be used and highlight objects that are underneath it such as a table or an indoor plant and bring attention to the object.

A bathroom is a room where concealed lighting would be very effective as there are many places in which the lights can be hidden but there is a big effect. An example if this is a strip of backlights that would go around the mirror facing downwards. This would give the mirror an effect of almost floating, as it would distract your eyes from seeing that the mirror is hung up. If there is a sink under the mirror, then the same strip of lights could be used to highlight the sink and the taps. The walls play an important part in this setup, as glossy walls would reflect the light and ruin the effect, where as walls that are more matte wouldn’t, making it more effective.

The kitchen is another place where concealed lighting would make a big effect in the overall style of the room. Similar to the bathroom setup, a strip of downlights underneath a shelf would give off the effect that it is floating, as the eyes wouldn’t be focusing on the shelf being hung up. This is a good way on making the room seem more simplistic just by hiding the lights and using the effect it gives. It could be used on any shelf, such as a bookshelf in a different room, the lights can be set up in a strip to make the bookshelf look like its floating as well as giving a slight shadow around the books, which could make them stand out more and give the books more detail.

Concealing lights and only showing the effect it gives is an easy way to make even the simplest architecture stand out, such as kitchen shelves or bookshelves. By simply placing a strip of lights underneath it, can give it the effect of it floating and drawing your eyes away from where its been hung. The same can be applied in a bathroom where the mirror can look like it’s floating, or it can be used to highlight certain parts in the bathroom such as the taps and sink underneath it. The same strip of lights can be also be used under tables or even under a ride of a bath to give it a more simplistic look which can catch the eye and make it more pleasing.