Showroom: Unusual can be Beautiful

staircase lighting - asco lights - hints and tips

As you’ve read in the many posts regarding our showroom we have spoken about how important detail is, something else we’ve tried to ensure we include within the showroom is being innovative. Something unusual, un-thought of, can be something quirky and truly beautiful. As our showroom was designed we thought of new and unique ways to showcase some of the stunning lighting products, this includes placing a fitting that is well known as a stairwell fitting and placing it within a niché, this has been done in a room divider style and looks absolutely stunning. Quirky shapes have been used within the space and lighting has been implemented to make the most of every single place shadow may fall to create something truly beautiful. In short, think outside the box with where you are placing your lighting, you may well create something incredibly unique and stunning that people will envy.