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Offices have a bad stereotype for a dull place where employee work 9-5 doing a boring job that they don’t enjoy.

However an increasing amount of modern offices are understanding the importance of having the correct lighting in place. Both light intensity and colours can be a huge factor changing the way that employees work and the emotional feelings going through their minds.

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Lighting can be a great way to change the productivity and types of mood sets to match the job that they do.

For jobs that include design work yellow lighting can make employees more creative and confident in the job that they do. Designing is usually associated with creativity as employees need to come up with new ideas for the job they do. If they feel more creative with yellow light employees could be making more innovate designs that function better.

Confident employees in this sector can be more inclined to share their ideas with fellow peers to see if their ideas are actually unique ideas that work well.

For the customer services section blue lighting works well triggering employees to have better communication skills and work more efficient. As in customer services, employees talk for the company helping customers with problems they have. Using excellent communication skills with these customers can keep customers loyal and not swap their services to another company offering the same things. Using blue lights then can significantly improve the company’s popularity with its customers.

Efficiency talks for its self, employees that work quicker can get more done in a set time meaning they can deal with more customers in one working session.

Give your space the wow-factor. Our home lighting consultants will happily create a lighting scheme for an individual room, or an entire property, depending on your requirements.

Healthcare, Education, Retail, Hospitality and much more. We’re able to combine modern technology and innovative design to offer practical lighting solutions to our commercial clients.

We can also come up with designs for lighting the exterior of a building. A variety of products and techniques can be used to illuminate key architectural features.

Impressive Swimming Pool Lighting.

Make your space perfectly designed.

Breathtaking Garden Lighting Design.

What makes us different?

One last emotion feeling that has been proven to be active when people are with blue lights is employees generally seem to be calmer. Working with aggravated customers can be a stressful job, the calmer employees feel the more helpful the employees can be with these customers and keep the customers calm too.

For researchers and media jobs simple white lighting can be a great option as it looks modern, feels hygienic and makes employees more efficient.

A hygienic work environment is always good as none wants to work in a messy workplace. Usually hygiene can make employees more comfortable in their job, this can make employees feel more welcome in the workplace.

Again efficiency is making great for making employees do more work in one working session.

It’s not just the colour of the lighting that can affect the moods of your employees, light intensity is an important factor to consider when designing the lights in your office. Offices with intensity’s too high are too bright and a waste of money however if the intensity is too low employees can feel more fatigued and drossy causing them to work less efficiently.

Hiring a lighting designer to calculate the best intensity and colours to use in an office is a great idea as its hassle free and can leave you with more time to sort out other things. A lighting designer can also calculate optimum heights to get the best energy efficiency out of your lights which can cut energy bills.

Also with a lighting designer you don’t have to worry about ‘hotspots’ of high intensity light on the ceiling or floors as this will all be covered by the designer.

Asco Lights offers a professional team of lighting designers that can assist you on the lighting design of your office or any other types of buildings whether it be a residential home or a commercial business.

With over a decade of experience in lighting design Asco Lights uses innovative ways to make any space have spectacular lighting.

It’s not only the interior light that matters, exterior can be an important part of every building. Outside lighting can be used to highlight unique architectural designs that could be recognisable features when visitors are trying to remember your business.

Outdoor lighting is also practical as it’s needed for signage lighting so employees and visitors don’t get lost and also for security as an area lit up is a lot less likely to be vandalised or robbed.

One last way that significantly effects of moods of your employees is the amount of natural light coming into the building. This can be down to the architecture and interior design of your office but thinking amount the natural light coming in onto your employees is a great factor to consider as natural lights can make your employees happier and friendlier.

Natural light therefor makes employees more likely to enjoy their job as they’ll be happy to be working there.

With these changes implemented into your office you can keep a boring stereotype as just a stereotype and making your modern office an enjoyable place where employees enjoy their job.

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