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We are extremely proud by our distinctively unique LED lighting solutions we have available to enhance and personalise Swimming Pool lighting. Using the clients specific needs, we create the desired ambiance and atmosphere that goes beyond the minds imagination.

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Highly Experienced Swimming Pool Lighting Services

By having lighting in your Swimming Pool, you are increasing the safety of the swimmers, especially at night time. The emotional effect of swimming at night time is different to day time. As lighting specialists we are aware that swimmers get a better sense of happiness and freedom when swimming in a glowing pool at night. It is seen as a luxury.

For health and safety purposes it is crucial to have effective Lighting Solutions put in not just the pool, but also the surrounding areas such as footpaths and other surrounding areas. In some cases, it is possible for dangerous wildlife to creep into the pool at night time unknowingly. By increasing the lighting in and around the pool, you create a safe environment for people to endure the pure luxury of the Swimming Pool.

Why Choose Asco Lights?

Over 15 years of experience within the lighting industry.

We have a highly creative and committed design team able to deliver outstanding value, all based in house with no work outsourced.

We distribute for over 30 European manufacturers allowing you to procure all products at a trade price and gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

friendly – approachable

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