Showroom: Marilyn Monroe

To complete our stunning soon to be newly refurbished show room, we have this beautiful bespoke Marilyn Monroe piece of art work mounted up on the wall. This piece is handmade from porcelain and will be covered with a glass sheet for that extra desired look. Recessed into the wall, it is not only surrounded by a sprayed gold bespoke wooden frame but also indulged into a black specialist internal box which contains some exquisite black pin spot lights which will shortly be being installed. These contain a 3Watt chip alongside a 33 degree angled lens to create a dynamic wash down the wall. The LED chip is recessed into the baffle within the fitting so there is guaranteed no glare will be given. LED ribbon tape is going to be positioned on the edge of the frame so you can see the dramatic effects that it will release, causing it to reflect onto the wall. Even though this piece is remarkable enough on its own, we consider it essential that the correct lighting is used within to really exaggerate and emphasize the important details and features of this Marilyn Monroe piece. We can guarantee that when the showroom has finally been renovated, this striking piece of art work will look incredible in its location. Keep an eye out for the finished look, it’s not to be missed!