Lighting Tips

  • Increase light level by placing luminaires close to the task, or by selecting lamps with more lumens (look for the lamp lumen rating on the package).
  • Use light colour finishes on walls and ceilings to soften the effects of bright light sources, and to reduce shadows.
  • Avoid using clearglass luminaires.
  • When using extra light on objects of special interest, such as pictures, vases, etc., aim the lighting at the object, away from faces.
  • Place luminaires over the sink, stove, countertops, and other fixed work areas. Locate these luminaires slightly to the side and in front of the position where a person would stand to see the task.
  • Avoid having only one ceiling luminaire in the centre of the room that casts a person’s shadow onto the counter or sink where he/she is working.
  • In the bathroom, use a wet-location-rated shower light for good visibility.
  • Luminaires that are not wet-location-rated should be mounted at least 3 ft away from the bathtub or shower.
  • Choose a matte countertop vanity surface with light colours to reflect light to the underside of your chin.
  • Install light switches with toggle that glow in the dark. Place switches near the bed. Wall outlets should be installed 18 to 24 in. above the floor for easy access.
  • Use lamps with good colour properties in closets to help colour matching of clothes.


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