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Asco lights are excited to be representing the brand Axo Light. Asco Lights expert lighting design team can work closely with you on your residential or commercial project to add value. We will offer you the best possible price for all Axo Light products together with excellent customer service.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies of designer lighting in the rich and complex world of the Made in Italy. Created in the inland Venice area in 1996, from the outset it combined Italian passion for design with a strong international focus and soon became one of the leading companies in the high quality indoor lighting sector producing Italian lamps to export all over the world.

This branch was created to promote Axo Light products in what is not only an emerging market, but which is now becoming a dominating market. It is the perfect blend of local management and Italian design and passion.

The increasing demand for Axo Light designer lights in the North American, Asia and Russia markets and the need to maintain an excellent level of service are the main reasons behind the strategic decision to found Axo Light in other countries.

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