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Circadian Lighting Solutions – Sky Panels

Circadian, human centric lighting solutions are vital to an individuals wellbeing. Circadian Rhythm controls how your body functions to the environment that it is in and controls important chemical reactions in the brain for chemicals such as  melatonin and dopamine. Functionality of circadian lighting when used to harness the full architectural properties of a space is the future of lighting. By using sky paneled lighting we can define a space visually for relaxation or productive engagement, brings the restorative attributes of biophilia to occupants and offers a compelling visual focal point in continuous open interiors to visually anchor a diverse range of interior.

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are the world’s only research-verified virtual skylights. Because SkyCeilings are designed to faithfully reproduce the rich saturation and subtle visual stimuli of real skies, they are the ideal biophilic design solution for enclosed interiors.

Sky Factory’s Revelation SkyCeiling

Sky Factory’s Revelation SkyCeiling, with its large, self-supporting gridwork, provides the most engaging biophilic illusion-of-sky available—transforming the larger rooms and higher ceilings found in deep-plan enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier, and more restorative environments.

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