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LUCTRA® FLEX Mobile Floor Lamp

The LUCTRA® FLEX Mobile Floor Lamp makes it possible for users to take their perfect light with them to any place at any time of day. Thanks to rechargeable battery technology there are no cables and no restrictions, giving you ultimate freedom.

Many of us have the freedom to choose our workspaces and the hours we work. So, it’s good if you can simply take your light with you. With FLEX weighing just just 2 kg and boasting a battery capacity of up to 25 hours, light has never been so limitless.

Flex Mobile Floor Lamp is the wireless biologically effective lighting solution for mobile working in the office or at home. Four high-performance LEDs are powered for up to four hours via an integrated battery. The rubberised protective sleeve is height adjustable to ensure stability and security in all positions. LUCTRA® FLEX gives you complete freedom, anywhere, while still delivering high-quality lighting.

Operating LUCTRA® FLEX is just as easy as changing its location. Via its clearly designed touch screen, the light intensity can be adjusted in 5 steps and the light colour in three steps. Two cold white and two warm white LEDs cover the entire range of daylight in 3 stages. From a cold white morning light of 6,500 Kelvin, to a warmer 3,600 Kelvin light colour with less blue, down to a relaxing 2,700 Kelvin, simulating an evening sunset. The FLEX lamp head is also rotatable by 180° and can not only illuminate your direct working area, but also provide indirect lighting for a pleasant ambience or to highlight certain objects in a room.

All LUCTRA® models are manufactured and hand-assembled at the LUCTRA® factory. Highly qualified employees install all the parts for the entire product range for the highest quality finish for each and every product produced.

Luctra Flex
luctra Flex
Luctra Flex
luctra flex
luctra flex
Luctra Flex

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