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Achieving Perfect Lighting For Your Living Room

Having an optimum lighting solution in your Living room can make the world of difference to the way this unique space feels. Here at Asco Lights we offer design and supply services to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your Living room.

Living Room Lighting - Asco Lights
Living Room Lighting - Asco Lights
Living Room Lighting - Asco Lights

The living room is an important area to consider when it comes to lighting. Due to the importance of the space, it can be a little difficult to light but Asco Lights offers a wide range of solutions to ensure that the  living room is lit as effectively and efficiently as possible, using a variety of products of all shapes and sizes to suit your look and style.

When  lighting a living room, it is essential to think of the layout of the furniture. Once you know where your key pieces of furniture will be, you can look to position your light fittings in order to illuminate the space. Once this is considered you can get to work at lighting your living room in a style that suits you.

Living Room Lighting - Asco Lights

Layering light is crucial to creating the desired atmosphere within the space. Think about adding a layer of uplights. Low glare uplights can be a fantastic use of accent lighting to highlight features such as fireplaces. Then think about adding a layer of warmer lighting in the form of table lamps. The warmer light from a warm white LED lamp (around 2700k) will create a comfy and cosy feel to your living room. By having the lamps dimmed simultaneously on the same circuit, this will provide the bespoke touch to give a relaxed feel to the space. 

Adding lighting into shelving adds further interest and depth to your living room. Front lighting using an LED tape works well with lighting objects and books. You can also consider under cupboard light to create a layer of focused light onto individual items. For added drama and depth, consider back lighting which silhouettes simple objects wonderfully.

It is important that each circuit is dimmable within the room. This can be achieved by simply using a dimmer switch or consider a pre-set control system. With a pre-set control system you will be able to control light levels to suit different times of day, different seasons giving you control of the mood in your living room.

For the best in Living Room Lighting don’t hesitate to CONTACT us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

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