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  Lighting to Enhance Space

Choosing the right Cafe Lighting solutions is a lot more important than you may think. Asco lights offers the best lighting solutions for Cafe’s. Here at Asco we not only factor in the functionality of illuminating a space but the impact light has on the well being of those directly impacted by it.

Cafe Lighting
Cafe Lighting
Cafe Lighting

A cafe with the correct cafe lighting design can see it’s interior space transformed, enhanced by clever lighting design techniques. Creating a special experience for your customers and making them want to return is crucial.

Whether you are looking for a cutting edge, quirky or contemporary feel to the design and feel within your cafe, or whether a more traditional lighting scheme is your goal, a well thought through professional lighting design can help. 

Cafe Lighting
Cafe Lighting
Cafe Lighting

The most effective cafe lighting creates intimate pools of light, a cosy, intimate space where customers can relax and unwind.  This is often achieved with pendant lighting directing the light downwards beneath it. Pendant lighting works great for an industrial, rustic feel, or even a more elegant minimalist design. From modern glass pendant lights or low drop lanterns which look great hung in a line over a countertop or bar station. Pendants act as a great functional source of ambient and task lighting and also bring decorative personality to a space. 

The equal spread of light is an important part of the café lighting design because it creates a natural environment that can be further accented through other lighting techniques and makes the overall setting seem more hospitable and friendly.  Ambient lighting is crucial to a good equal spread of light. Again pendant lighting is a fantastic solution. For a more personal touch, bespoke pendant lighting to help convey your brand image is a great idea to maximise the visual potential of the lighting design. 

Once  you have an even spread of light and ambient lighting covered you can consider accent lighting. Accent lighting within café lighting design should be used to highlight the feature pieces within the space, you could always put them above the bar to highlight the menu or specials of the day, or even to highlight certain architectural features. Once your cafe lighting design has considered ambience and function, decorative personality can be taken into consideration. Decorative lighting is there to complement the interior style. Decorative café lighting is carried out by using unique lighting fixtures such as Chandeliers which can complement the theme of the café interior. This might also include specialty techniques like cove-lighting.

For over 20 years, Asco Lights has been at the forefront of commercial and domestic lighting design. During that time, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the most trusted independent lighting design companies in the UK, offering a wide range of services including design, supply and installation. For the best in cafe lighting don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our industry leading design team will work closely with you to help provide the perfect lighting design no matter how small or large the space.

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