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Windfall – Amazing Lighting Products Designed By Windfall

Asco Lights will offer the best prices for all Windfall lighting products. We offer a light and design consultancy service and work with many other brands.Windfall lighting offers bespoke crystal lighting which is a great way to light your area up in style.

A stroke of luck, the actual meaning of Windfall, brought in 2004 Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans together, when they started an atelier with the goal of modernising the classic crystal chandelier. The mix of the views of Clarissa, based upon her long term experience in art and interior decoration, and the thoughts on lighting and design of Roel, one of the best classic chandelier designers, resulted in a new understanding of crystal luminaire design, a new kind of subtle charme of ‘haute couture‘ in lighting was born. At the end of 2004, Windfall introduced the concept of a chandelier being lit by downlights, freeing it from its traditional structural limitations. Floating crystal objects are illuminated by down­ lights which can unfurl unimagined emotions through the spatial illuminating effects that result. A total flexibility of composition in size and shape evolves.

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting is the finest source of contemporary crystal chandeliers in the world, selected by the most beautiful residences, palaces and hotel projects. We know this because Swarovski – the primary source of the finest crystal for chandeliers – say so. The airiness is achieved by concealing, or even doing away with, the metal structure that supports almost all other chandeliers, allowing the translucent crystal to speak for itself.

Windfall is constantly seeking to discover and deploy new forms, always on the lookout for unconventional, extraordinary and elegant solutions.

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