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TAL Lighting – The Distributors for UK

Asco Lights will offer the best prices for all TAL products. We offer a light and design consultancy service and work with many other brands. TAL offers bespoke Innovative lighting which is a great way to light your area up in style.

TAL has a total dedication to quality but for us, this word is interpreted in the broadest sense possible. This not only entails the use of the best available materials and finishes but also covers topics such as innovation, competitive pricing, good deliveries, attractive and user-friendly catalogue material, support both pre- and post sales and the flexibility to constantly produce trendsetting and exciting designs.

Since then, the Belgian label stands for restrained lights that are distinguished primarily by their technique. Thus, in the Beaufort Series, a special warm white light is used which does not have only the typical LED character, but is also economical and durable. 

For more bespoke lighting features from don’t hesitate to browse our store or alternatively contact one of our expert design team for industry leading advice on all things lighting!

TAL’s Mission and History

TAL’s mission is one of technical and aesthetical innovation.Groundbreaking products such as our Symbiosis family, Smartfader, Geena, B4 and Victoria (many of which have won prestigious awards) and exquisite collections such as Black & Gold, White & Chrome are witness to this mission and they are paving the way to our constant growth and success.


  • 1992 – Foundation of Digilight Deluxe
  • 1996 – The move to Pittem
  • 2000 – Reorientation brings new name – TAL (Technical Architectural Lighting)
  • 2002 – Incas Series
  • 2004 – Member of Accoform Group, Introduction to TAL UK and TAL FR
  • 2005 – Acquisition Olo Lighting Expansion building Smartfader 1st generation
  • 2006 – Launch Symbiosis
  • 2008 – New Showroom Ardooie
  • 2009 – Launch B4 with Porifera System
  • 2010 – Launch Glowmotion – New plant for profile systems
  • 2012 – Launch Halosphere
  • 2035 – New Showroom on Mars?

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