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Asco Lights will offer the best prices for all Occhio Lighting products. We offer a light and design consultancy service and work with many other brands. Occhio Lighting offers lighting from pendants to ceiling lights and floor lamps, which will look stunning in any area

Occhio Lighting is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting sector and the market leader in Germany in the sector of high-quality design lighting. Occhio products have a unique position in the market thanks to their comprehensive, modular luminaire systems and are among the most successful lighting products of recent years.

The idea behind Occhio was born out of practical experience: In the 1990s, designer and entrepreneur Axel Meise developed lighting concepts for private and project customers. The aesthetic and technical proliferation of luminaires and lighting systems on the market often got in the way of good results – and caused him a great deal of frustration.

He could not let go of the idea of a universal lighting system that could be adjusted to a specific situation. After only a one year development period, he introduced the first Occhio system based on halogen light as the essence of his many years of working with light: A modular system of luminaires with a universal design and quality of light for the home and commercial sector. In keeping with the motto light is evolution, the system has continuously evolved and developed into today’s comprehensive LED product portfolio.

In the belief that the skilful interplay of lightness and darkness, directed or diffuse light, used directly or indirectly, determines the quality of our sense of space and our well-being. It is not without reason that light is considered the fourth dimension of space. Occhio gives you the perfect lighting tools to do so.

For more bespoke lighting features don’t hesitate to browse our store or alternatively contact one of our expert design team for industry leading advice on all things lighting!

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