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Atelier Sedap – Superb Lighting By Atelier Sedap

atelier sedap offers a variety of architectural lighting solutions, designed to meet the needs of architects, builders and designers of spaces.

Now considered as one of the basic functions of the building as well as structures, materials, colors, flow directions, windows… lighting is now determined early from the design of the project.
Its role goes beyond the functionality, not only the light illuminates, but structures, tags, gives life, “reveals” a place.

Sensitive to the changing trends, atelier sedap has developed a collection of lamps, surface-mounted or built-in, which allows highlighting of original habitat and find its full operating equipment in public places, commercial , offices…

The atelier sedap collection consists of lamps that integrate high-tech lighting and sometimes go on to blend into the architecture itself: wall and ceiling fade away to leave the first place to LIGHT.

atelier sedap uses the latest sources developed for optimum performance and innovative effects: T5 fluorescent tubes, LED strips, new generation of metal halide sources…

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