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Don’t forget the bedroom lights, Darling.

For years the lighting solutions in a bedroom have been the same. A single pendant swinging from a ceiling rose, with a nice lamp shade to add some colour. This is no longer the only option. With a little creativity and the right furnishings, your bed camber can be a room to be proud of. Have a peak at a few of the new technology’s and ideas in lighting and be shocked at how easily you can achieve the lighting effects of your dreams.

More is More.

The single bedroom light is lacking mostly in one department, versatility. When spending time with a loved one, reading a good book in bed or waking on a cold winters morning, you have two options, light on or off. With multiple lighting points you can widen your options and have many lighting moods. Beautiful wall lights can give a softer coverage for a more romantic mood while ceiling mounted down lighters can give a bright, functional illumination for most practical tasks. The plug in lamp is also a versatile tool adding light to any room, to be removed as the seasons change or your heart desires. The more lighting options you have the better prepared you are for any eventuality. If it feels too much, simply turn some off.

On Reflection.

The mirror is an under used tool. It provides us with a little vanity while performing many practical tasks, but also reflects light. The addition of mirrors to a bedroom can widen the space and create a lighter and more appealing room. A large mirror in a decorative frame can make a bedroom homely while giving you some were to put in your contact lenses. Reflective surfaces should be used sparingly and as a focal point rather then in abundance as they are rather difficult to dim, should you wish for some time in the shade.

Bed Time.

A very large percent of your time in your bedroom will be spent in bed. With this in mind, a comfortable new bed needs to be located correctly. The head of the bed need to be well illuminated for reading and discussion at the end of a hard day. Also switching needs to be within arms reach. Nobody wants to get out of bed on a cold December morning to turn the lights on, just so you can see through the gloom. Keep the fixtures equidistant from your sleeping position and be mindful of how bright a light can be when you have just woken up.

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