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The Perfect Lighting Design For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often an overlooked area when it comes to lighting. The possibility for numerous options is endless, with just standard IP rated downlights to pendants and wall lights. Asco Lights offers the best prices for bathroom lighting, with a solution that will fit the look and style of your home whilst making sure we stay within your budget.

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The bathroom can be lit in many different ways. Downlights are a simple and cost-effective way to efficiently light up any bathroom while maximising the space. With a wide beam angle, they can easily light up the room and create consistency within the area. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the bathroom is, as the number of downlights can be adjusted accordingly. We have the option to be able to dim downlights. This means that you can control how bright or dim the downlights are, and can be perfect for creating a mood – especially in an area such as a bathroom.

Mirror and wall lights are a great way to add to this lighting. There is an endless amount of options when it comes to wall lights, depending on the size of the mirror and the gap between the mirror and the wall. If the mirror spans all the way across the wall, then a wall light can be placed above the mirror shining downwards. If there is a big gap between the mirror and wall, then an up and down wall light shining light upwards and downward would be the perfect option to distribute the light. We offer wall lights of all different shapes and sizes as well as the possibility of getting a working sample so you can see the light in real life before you buy it.

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In bathrooms, there tends to be niche’s and gaps which the light may not necessarily reach or can be hard to light. The solution to this would be LED tape. It can be adjusted and used at any length to fit a niche and can be placed at the top shining light downwards to create an impactful effect. This is the perfect way to light up a niche and also has the option of colour tuning. Colour tuneable tape allows for the colour temperature to be adjusted from a warm 2400K to a cool 4200K. The advantage of this is that it can be adjusted based on the time of day or the usage of the bathroom and creates consistency within the space. When the sun goes down and you would like to relax, then the warmer colour temperature is perfect. When it’s sunny, then 4200K would be the correct choice to match the sunlight. The control is down to you.

Pendants can be a great way to add to the symmetry of lighting and the architecture. Asco Lights offers a wide range of pendants, from small, large, surface mounted and suspended. Depending on the size and style of the bathroom, we can certainly assist to find one that suits your bathroom perfectly. If the bathroom is quite small, then a surface mounted pendant may be the way to go. The pendants can be effective over the bath and can be adjusted to fit the size of the bath itself. This creates symmetry within the space and also has the option to be dimmed so you are able to relax without the worry of it being too bright.

Bathroom lighting is important to get right, and Asco Lights offers the best products and solutions to suit your style and needs. We ensure that you get the right amount of light whilst also making sure the fittings are suited to the environment and draw the eye in. We have the option to dim lights so the worry of the lights being too dim or too bright is eliminated, by giving you complete control over the brightness.

If you require expert light design look no further than Asco lights. Our team of industry leading designers will help to turn conceptions into brightly lit realties! Don’t hesitate to CONTACT us to see how we can help you.

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